June 1: National Go Barefoot Day

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Go ahead! Kick off your shoes. It’s June, and the weather is finally nice. June 1 is National Go Barefoot Day so enjoy yourself. But it’s also a day to remember those less fortunate and to donate your unwanted footwear so they don’t have to go barefoot – unless they want to.

barefoot in the field with dandelions

Yes, do it! Go barefoot in the grass – or a field of dandelions. Today’s the day to enjoy it.

When you’re done frolicking, think about the real reason for National Go Barefoot Day.

Soles4Souls created National Go Barefoot Day after the 2004 Tsunami disaster to try and do something, just one simple thing, to help those in need. But the shoes kept coming! So they kept giving them to those in need.

pile of shoes game

Take a moment to go through your shoes – and your family’s shoes – and box up the like-new shoes no one wears anymore. Find a drop-off location near you. Then print out and fill in Shoes4Souls donation form to include with them, and drop them off.

No drop off location near you?

Now Zappos shoe stores have joined in to help. Their charity, Zappos for Good, will pay for the shipping – up to 50 lbs. So go through your closet, choose those gently used shoes that you no longer wear, package them up and mail them to Soles4Souls.

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June 1: National Go Barefoot Day

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