International Falafel Day: Authentic Recipe & 2 New Twists on the Falafel.

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On International Falafel Day, June 12, the whole world celebrates falafel. See the recipes – and the world’s largest falafel.

Spruce Eats tells us a “Falafel (pronounced “fell-off-uhl”), sometimes spelled “felafel” or “felafil,” is a deep-fried ball or patty that is made from either chickpeas or fava beans and spices. It is a vegetarian and vegan food and one of the most widely consumed and recognized foods of the Middle East. It’s a very popular fast food around the world, and vendors sell it on the street corners in countries like Egypt, Syria, and Israel, where it’s the national dish.”

Authentic Falafel Recipe

This authentic Falafel recipe is Suzy Karadsheh’s family recipe. To print the recipe, visit The Mediterranean Dish.

How to Make Authentic Falafel from The Mediterranean Dish

New twist on a traditional falafel.

Falafel is usually wrapped in pita bread, or served with salad and sauces. 

For something a little different, we have Falafel Burgers with Cucumber Sauce and Falafel Bowl from California Walnuts with sweet potatoes and walnuts instead of chick peas.

World’s Largest Falafel

According to the Jordon Times, in July 2012 Jordan entered the Guinness Book of World Records for the largest falafel weighing 74.75 kg (164 lbs.)

“It was made by 10 chefs from the capital’s Landmark Hotel and was later offered as a starter during an iftar meal attended by 600 people. “

worlds largest falafel ball
By Areej Abuqudairi

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Do you like falafels? Would you try the falafel burger, or the “falafel” made with walnuts & sweet potatoes instead of chick peas?


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