June 13: National Kitchen Klutzes of America Day

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Wouldn’t it be great if the only time we made mistakes cooking was when we were kids just learning? June 13th is National Kitchen Klutzes of America Day where we can freely admit & laugh at all our kitchen mistakes.

What is a kitchen klutz?

The Urban Dictionary defines a klutz as, “A clumsy, oblivious person.”

So then, a kitchen klutz would be someone who burns the toast because they don’t know how to use the toaster.

The smoke detector goes off when they’re frying because they don’t know the smoking temperature of the oil they’re using.

Or because they burnt the toast. Or left the turkey neck bag inside the turkey when they cooked it.

BURNT TOAST national klutzes day
housewife on national klutzes day

A Kitchen Klutz is someone who spends as much time cleaning the kitchen after they’ve finished cooking as they did cooking & eating.

Did you know?

Charles Duhigg tells us in his book, The Power of Habit*, that it takes more willpower to clean a frying pan we left in the kitchen sink than to clean it while we’re still holding it after putting the fried food on a plate.

It’s so hard for kitchen klutzes to go back and clean a messy kitchen after dinner.

You know you’re a kitchen klutz when:

  • everyone watches the clock to see how long it takes this time for something to go wrong while you’re cooking
  • when the whole family gives each other that look when you put the plates on the table in front of them
  • you have to pretend it wasn’t you who made the meal just so they’ll try it
woman in curlers on national kitchen klutzes day
maid on phone in kitchen june 13
  • all of the food delivery people know your house because they have rescued your dinner plans so often
  • you’ve had to order dinner more often than not because of a kitchen mishap.
  • hubby has started to call home to ask if he should pick up dinner before he leaves the office

Want to see the worst kitchen klutz disasters ever?

Visit Bored Panda’s 50 of the Worst Kitchen Fails Ever. You’ll feel much better about yourself, I promise.

We’ve had a lot of fun joking about a kitchen klutz, but we’ve all had a few bad cooking experiences. Got any photos of yours? Share them on social media with the official hashtag #NationalKitchenKlutzesofAmericaDay

My klutzy memories:

One year when I had the whole extended family at my house for Thanksgiving dinner, my mother asked if she could help. So I suggested that she whip the potatoes for me. She put chocolate milk in the potatoes by mistake and we all tried to eat whipped potatoes that looked like poop! 💩 #NationalKitchenKlutzesofAmericaDay

The one and only time I had my father to my place for Thanksgiving dinner, somehow the timer knob on the oven got switched on. The turkey never cooked, and I couldn’t figure out what was wrong with the stove because I never used it. We had to go to the restaurant and order dinner – and my father went in his bedroom slippers by accident. I guess we’re a family of klutzes. 😆 #NationalKitchenKlutzesofAmericaDay

When we were first married I overcooked the steak. My wonderful husband said, “Don’t worry, that’s exactly how I like it.” It took years before he finally admitted he preferred his steak medium-rare. 🤣 #NationalKitchenKlutzesofAmericaDay

How to celebrate National Kitchen Klutzes of America Day

Decide never again.

If not today, when? Decide that you are no longer going to be a Kitchen Klutz and take a cooking class. There are many online (MasterClass.com have excellent classes by pros who know.) I borrowed Julia Child’s cooking classes at my local library for free “back in the day”.

Decide I don’t care.

Go ahead and try a new recipe today.

If it goes wrong, post the pics on social media and get a laugh!

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Many cooking mistakes have resulted in new recipes.

just roll with it rolling pin poster

Watch other kitchen klutzes on TV.

There are so many cooking and baking shows that feature cooking mistakes that I don’t know if I could even list them all. Find one you haven’t seen yet and binge watch it with friends.

bloody finger cocktail stir stick
Bloody finger stir stick from ruggedstandard.com

Just for fun, make a kitchen klutz bloody finger as a stir stick in the drinks you serve!

Idea from Rugged Standard’s 4 Halloween Cocktails.

Please cook weiner first and cut one end flat. Put knuckle and nail markings on after it’s cooked. Hot sauce for blood. Micropore surgical tape* on fingernail.

Watch movies about the ups and downs of cooking.

movie night neon sign

On our bucket list of movies, we have 9 cooking movies to inspire your inner chef. (One for the whole family.)

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