June 13: National Weed Your Garden Day

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Yes, we weed our gardens frequently. But isn’t it awesome to think that everyone in the nation could be weeding on the same day? (Almost makes weeding fun. 😂) How to celebrate the day in fun ways too.

Weeds are plants growing where you don’t want them to grow. One person’s daisies are garden flowers, another’s are weeds.

There are many ways to control weeds, including hand-pulling, hoeing, mulching or using herbicides. 

If you are pulling weeds by hand, water the ground first to soften it so you can get rid of all of the roots.

Yes, it’s hard work but it’s a good workout. 30 minutes of weeding burns around 135 calories for women and 180 for men.

june 13 weed your garden day

Ben Hamza, Ph.D. and TruGreen expert, reminds us that no matter what your weed problems are, a weed plan that works in one region of the country doesn’t necessarily work the same in another area. If you’re having a serious problem with weeds and want help, TruGreen will design a custom plan to provide your yard with exactly what it needs.

Want tips on weeding your vegetable garden?

We have 10 steps to controlling annual weeds in your vegetable garden from a pro who knows, Charlie Nardozzi with the National Gardening Association.

vegetable garden above ground in box

Need help recognizing wild onion, wild garlic & star-of-bethlehem weeds? And getting rid of them?

wild garlic in the forest

Ward Upham, horticulturist with Kansas State University Research and Extension, tells us how to recognize these flowers that look oh-so-beautiful in the woods but are weeds that take over our gardens. (He also tells us how to get rid of them. )

If your garden has already been weeded, here are 9 other weed zones you can tackle.

weeds in stone path
  1. Pathways. Paths made from loose materials, such as bark mulch, decomposed granite or stones, can act as seeding beds, offering a natural spot for weeds to grow.
  2. Underneath shrubs. Areas under shrubs can be hard to reach, shady and moist – a perfect place for weeds.
  3. Unpaved drives and parking areas. Whether grassy, muddy or filled with gravel, these areas often roll out the welcome mat for weeds.
  4. Cracks and crevices. Cracks between paving stones, bricks or slabs of concrete provide natural entry points for weeds. If the weeds are not dealt with, roots can lift pavers or bricks, creating dangerous uneven spots while potentially ruining the clean look of your patio or walkway.
  5. Beneath decks. Despite sparse sunlight, weeds may still grow under decks.
  6. Around downspouts. Weeds often thrive at the base of downspouts where moisture is abundant. Heavy rains can wash seeds from these weeds into other areas of your yard.
  7. Along fences and foundations. Often out-of-sight and out-of-mind, these areas are natural spots for weed build-up.
  8. Freshly tilled soil. Anytime you turn soil or an animal digs a hole, you expose buried weed seeds, creating an area to watch for new seedlings.
  9. Open soil. Keep a close watch on your yard for dead spots or open areas. Fill them in as soon as you can, adding new plants, seeds or mulch. Bare spots in lawns should be over-seeded with desirable grass seed. In new plantings, cultivate often to uproot new weed seedlings.

(So glad to be of help. 😁)


Natria supplied the 9 places to weed. If you need help identifying weeds & bugs in your garden, go to their website.

After weeding your garden, you’ll need to relax. Why not watch a gardening movie? A fiction about gardeners.

movie night neon sign with popcorn

These aren’t movies to improve your gardening. They are 4 fictional movies about the love of gardening. Or falling in love while gardening.

Celebrate National Weed Your Garden with a dirt cake.

carrot dirt cake

The cake can be any kind you like, but why not make it a carrot cake if you’re putting carrots on the top? (See our easy carrot cake recipe.)

  1. Put a chocolate glaze on the whole cake.
  2. Cover with graham cracker crumbs, toasted coconut, or Oreo crumbs if you want dark dirt.
  3. The carrots are orange fondant balls pressed into the cake with rosemary sprigs for carrot greens. (Even better? If you’re having chocolate cake, use strawberries with the leaves on dipped in orange chocolate as the carrots and have a strawberry filling in the center.)

Added bonus: How to keep your pets safe in the garden. Just because we care.

puppy in flowers

We love to spend time outdoors with our dog in the summer. But did you know that some of the common garden plants, mulches and herbicides are poisonous? Here’s how to keep pets safe in the garden with a list of poisonous plants, mulch and herbicides.

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