June 14: Strawberry Shortcake Day

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Strawberry Shortcake Day brings back all the nostalgic memories of summers past and brings the joy of a new summer season finally around the corner (June 21st). Here are recipes from super easy to DIY.

How to celebrate strawberry shortcake day.

As you have probably guessed, the best way to celebrate strawberry shortcake day is to eat strawberry shortcake. So, without further ado, here are the easiest recipes so you can “celebrate” as soon as possible. 😋

{Keep It Simple Sweetheart} Strawberry Shortcake Recipe

short and sweet fast and easy strawberry shortcake recipe
keep it simple sweetheart strawberry shortcake ingredients

This takes only minutes to make after the trip to the grocery store. Just pick up some shortcake dessert shells, strawberries and Cool Whip (or whipped cream spray). Let Strawberry Shortcake Day begin!

{Short & Sweet} Strawberry Shortcake Recipe

super easy strawberry shortcake with pound cake slices

If your grocery store doesn’t have the dessert cups, just pick up a pound cake and slice it (or an angel food cake). Strawberries & whipped topping. Voilà.

{Easy Breezy} Pillsbury Strawberry Shortcake

These melt-in-your-mouth sweet little shortcakes made with Pillsbury Grands! is a fast and easy way to make your strawberry shortcake, but you will still get all the accolades because hey – you made them.

easy strawberry shortcake by pillsbury

{Wow the Crowd} Strawberry Shortcake Roll

strawberry shortcake roll 1
strawberry shortcake roll 2

You’ve heard of a jelly roll, well this is a strawberry shortcake roll. It’s easier to make than you think – when you know the secret from the pro who knows.

Too hot for shortcake cake? Have a strawberry shortcake popsicle.

Of course, you could drop by the nearest convenience store and grab a Good Humor Strawberry Shortcake Bar.

But if you have the time, make your own. (It takes 4 1/2 hours, mostly freezing time, but every bite is worth it.)

See our Strawberry Shortcake Popsicle recipe.

strawberry shortcake ice cream popsicle

Or. . . how about a strawberry shortcake popsicle cake?

Yes, a cake that looks like a strawberry shortcake ice cream popsicle. Mind bending, right? 🤪 (on Facebook)

Giant Strawberry Shortcake Popsicle CAKE | Cake Tutorial | Cocobelly Cakes

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