June 14: World Blood Donor Day

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Join the whole wide world and give the gift of life on June 14th World Blood Donor Day.

save a life give blood

World Blood Donor Day is to raise awareness about the importance of regular blood donations, to keep hospitals & the health industry properly supplied.

And to thank donors for offering their time – and blood – to make the world a better place.

be a hero give blood

How to celebrate World Blood Donor Day.

police officer donating blood

Please donate blood. Please.

Since it takes about 90 minutes to make a donation, this is all we’re going to offer as a celebration. But we sincerely ask that you gather your family & friends and go to your local hospital or Red Cross donation facility.

You can have impromptu fun there together!

Remember the day!

Do you have a keepsake album for this summer? Here’s a binder page to go with your photos. Remember the day you and your friends were heroes and donated blood.

I know you took a million selfies and photos of your friends while you were waiting to donate blood today!

Will you ever scroll back to look at them? Probably not.

Don’t lose the memory of your heroic day! Print out the keepers and put them in your Memory Binder for this summer.

We even have a handy-dandy donor page for you to print off as a divider.

Free! Immediate download.

I’m a hero! I’m a donor.

I'm a blood donor binder page

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