June 18: National Splurge Day

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Today is the day you give yourself permission to go ahead and splurge on that thing you’ve dreamed about, you’ve wanted so badly, but just couldn’t bring yourself to buy. It’s June 18th, National Splurge Day.

National Splurge Day has an interesting history. Most daily holidays and national days are founded by a company or person who has a particular passion for the theme of the day.

Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith’s passion was creating daily holidays! She founded National Splurge Day today and 1900 other daily holidays throughout the year. She calls herself ‘America’s Premier Eventologist’ for coming up with so many ideas.

Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith
Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith

To “splurge” is to spend freely, to indulge oneself with unrestrained extravagance.

National Splurge Day helps you beat “Frugal Fatigue”.

When we get so tired of living on a tight budget and start to feel deprived, depressed, and obsessed about our bank account, we have frugal fatigue. And then what happens? We can’t take the pressure anymore and make a crazy decision that blows all the work we’ve done saving money. No one wants that.

This is one day of the year that you give yourself permission to get something that you really want – and can really afford. Yes, we call it a splurge, but it’s not an impulse buy. It’s a planned expenditure that’s going to make you happy, let off a little of the pressure, and help you get back on the savings track without pain and suffering.

So. . . what do you want, really, really want?

Have you been saving up for that special thing that you can’t stop thinking about? Or yearning for? Take some time today and check it out again. Make some enquiries to see if you can make it a reality today. Is it on sale?

If not, don’t touch your savings. You’ll get that at a later date. Think of something that will make you happy every time you use it or look at it. (So this doesn’t mean an extravagant meal. You want long term joy that will encourage you to get back on track without frugal fatigue.)

It’s something frivolous and joyous that you usually told yourself “no” to buying because you were saving money. It’s something that you’ve wanted so badly that you know you won’t feel that tinge of guilt after the purchase.

woman splurging on perfume

Do you like to have that one signature scent that everyone recognizes as yours? That’s worth a splurge on expensive perfume, don’t you think?

zac efron

“If I splurge on anything, it’s cologne. I love smelling good.

Zac Efron

The point of splurging is enjoying the whole event.

Don’t buy online! You get a surge of joy for two seconds and it’s over. Even texting about it doesn’t make the feeling last much longer.

Make an event of it. Take your friends so there are witnesses, others who get joy out of National Splurge Day, too. Post pics throughout the day using the official hashtag #nationalsplurgeday.

Search for the perfect splurge item – don’t buy the first one.

Take selfies and share the journey so everyone can feel the joy too!

buying shoes online
national splurge day shoe shopping

Why not get a few friends together and celebrate National Splurge Day together? Make it an event.

The Rules for National Splurge Day

#1 – Don’t use your savings.

We say our savings are for a “rainy day”, but let’s take it up a notch and call it for “emergencies”. Like replacing major appliances, lost income due to illness. You know, real emergencies.

#2 – Set a budget.

Everyone on the Splurge Outing should set a budget out of extra cash on hand before you leave so you know how much you can spend before you get caught up in the spirit of the day. Some will have more to spend than others, and that’s okay.

#3 – Plan what you’d like to buy before you leave the house.

In the last year, how many things have you wished for, and how many of those items do you still want? National Splurge Day is for something you really, really want. Not something you need, or should have – something absolutely frivolous that will bring you pleasure just to own it. Make a list and pick that one wonderful thing that you’ve wanted for awhile but just couldn’t let yourself buy. This is a splurge.

#4 – Indulge yourself.

This is something just for you. Remember the definition of splurge? “Indulging oneself with unrestrained extravagance.” This is something that will make you happy, and today’s the day you get permission to go out and get it. (It won’t make you happy for very long if you go into debt, so we’ve already nixed the “unrestrained” part! 😊)

#5 – Share the joy.

Help each other find the perfect thing that you dream of buying. Sharing the joy of splurging will build happy memories that will bring you and your friends closer together. We like to call it Good Times Glue. That makes the splurge worth it.

Kiernan Shipka

“Some things are worth the splurge.”

Kiernan Shipka

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June 18: National Splurge DayJune 18: National Splurge DayJune 18: National Splurge Day

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