June 3: Chocolate Macaroon Day

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Chocolate Macaroon Day celebrates the nostalgia of this special comfort food. Every family has a different macaroon recipe – many are no-bake. Try one, try them all on June 3rd.

The Cookie Like a Candy Bar

Chocolate macaroons are light and sweet with different heavenly textures. They are more of a confection than a cookie. They taste great warm straight from the oven, room temperature or even cold from the refrigerator.

They are the perfect dessert to make if you want something sweet but don’t have any flour in the house.

There are several varieties of Chocolate macaroons, some are even no-bake.

  • most use shredded coconut
  • some use oatmeal (my mother made these & we called them cow plops but they’re also called haystacks)
  • some use oatmeal & coconut (called frogs)
  • some use fried chow mein noodles or dried corn flakes cereal for the crunchiness

See the basic Chocolate Macaroon recipe

June 3 Chocolate Macaroon Day

To celebrate chocolate macaroon day we also have an extra special recipe . . .

Hershey Kiss Macaroon Blossom Cookie

hershey kisses chocolate macaroons

The sweet coconut macaroon cookie with the bonus milk chocolate Hershey kiss on top makes this the best blossom cookie recipe ever.

It’s still a chocolate macaroon cookie if the chocolate’s on top, right?!

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June 3: Chocolate Macaroon DayJune 3: Chocolate Macaroon Day