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June 5: Hot Air Balloon Day

    June 5 hot air balloon day

    Of course we should take a ride in a hot air balloon on June 5th to celebrate Hot Air Balloon Day, but if you’re afraid of heights like I am there are other ways to celebrate and keep your two feet on the ground.

    There are some places in the world where you just have to go for a hot air balloon ride to see the landscape from above.

    hot air balloon ride over amazing landscape

    There are times of day when you know it would be oh so romantic and beautiful to take a hot air balloon ride, like at sunset.

    June 5 hot air balloon day sunset ride

    What’s it like to ride in a hot air balloon?

    Enquiring minds want to know, so let’s ask those who have “been there, done that”.

    The Travel Hack says, “There’s something terrifying but ultimately relaxing about the lack of control [not knowing where you’re going to land and not controlling the direction you go in]. In a world where we try to control everything, it’s scary floating up into the sky and letting nature take you in whichever direction she chooses. You can’t plan to land in a certain field or head in a certain direction, you just have to relax and trust that it will be OK. Once you’ve accepted this, a hot air balloon is the most magical way to travel.”

    He adds, “When you’re on a plane you’re in a little bubble and you’re separated from the view. But in a balloon it’s right there, you’re in the landscape. You can reach out to the air and touch it. You can hear every cow moo and every sheep bleat and every dog bark. You can feel the stillness of the crisp morning air and the warmth of the sun. You feel like you need to whisper so you don’t disturb the birds so there’s this hushed, excited silence.”

    june 5 hot air balloon day colorful

    Inside the Travel Lab describes it this way. “Before I realise it, we’re gone. Not in a lurching, crushing, driving sense, but in a surreal, dreamlike flotation that teases us away from the earth…The wicker feels stable and I can’t hear the wind.” “I lean over the edge of the basket with a smile I haven’t felt since childhood. This, almost embarrassingly, is a dream come true. I think about science, about superstition, about hope and dreams and joy and opportunity.”

    They continue. “Earth, air, fire and water. That’s what ancient Greece believed to be the building blocks of the world. And from where I’m standing, only one of those is missing. A friend taps me on the shoulder and passes me a glass. It’s cava rather than water, but I hope the Greeks won’t mind.”

    So, if you are able to do so, why not make June 5th the day that you cross “ride in a hot air balloon” off your bucket list. Celebrate Hot Air Balloon Day in the most amazing way.

    Tips for riding in a hot air balloon.

    These tips are from Zanne Merkel of WhereGalsWander, after her experience in a hot air balloon. (As reported to Wild Tribute, a clothing store that donates 4% of their proceeds to support America’s National Park. Their t-shirts, hoodies and hats are awesome.)

    girl at hot air balloon festival

    1. Wear comfortable shoes with good tread! You’ll want to make sure you’re able to make it to the balloon, which is most likely on an uneven field. In addition,  you’ll probably be standing in the basket of the hot-air balloon for the entire ride.

    2. Wear sunscreen and bring sunglasses, especially given how high up you’ll be. Sometimes, it’s hard to remember this very important step when leaving early in the morning because it may not be bright yet. 

    3. Dress in warm layers. Hot-air balloons go out early morning and early evening when the temperatures change. Wear comfortable clothing that allows you to bend, climb, and stretch. 

    4. Bring a hat, not just for warmth but for standing under the fire that heaths the basket– it can be quite warm on your head!

    5. Bring only the essentials– no large bags, purses, or backpacks.

    But what if you can’t go for a hot air balloon ride?

    I suppose watching a movie about it is the next best thing, right? (Especially for those of us who have a fear of heights. 👋)

    hot air balloon movie list aeronauts

    See our hot air balloon movie list. There’s some for the kids, the whole family, a classic, a thriller, a fantasy, an interesting romance and one for the history/science buff. I think we have everyone covered!

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    June 5: Hot Air Balloon DayJune 5: Hot Air Balloon DayJune 5: Hot Air Balloon Day

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