Lucas Announces Star Wars Blu-ray To Be Released Fall 2011

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At Celebration V on Star Wars Weekend at Disney Hollywood Studios, George Lucas announced that what the hardcore Star Wars fans have been asking for is about t0 come true.  Yes, ALL SIX Star Wars movies will be released in a set in sparkling, realistic, superior audio Blu-ray!

It is to include never-before-seen bonus material, such as the legendary lightsaber scene where Luke Skywalker makes his green lightsaber and stashes in R2D2’s dome.  This is the one scene that had been finished with special effects and complete audio before it was cut from the movie.  (Oops – you’ve got a little bit of drool right  t-h-e-r-e.)
Want more info?  Read about George Lucas’ announcement at
Want to pre-order your copy?  Visit for a fantastic price.  Here are your options:


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