May the Fourth Be With You

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With the famous saying “May the Force be with you” from the Star Wars movies, many hardcore Star Wars fans hold May the 4th as Star Wars day and turn the phrase to “May the 4th be with you.” Many fans have considered May the fourth an unofficial Star Wars day.
In 1979 Margaret Thatcher was elected as Prime Minister in Britain and her political party took out an ad in the London Evening News saying “May the 4th be with you Maggie. Congratulations.” This is the first time the phrase was recorded.
In 2005 a German TV channel asked George Lucas to say this famous phrase, and it was translated back into English as “We are with you on May 4th” which was aired by the late night talk show TV Total.
The movie’s original release was on May 25th, 1977, but most fans celebrate on May 4th so they can enjoy their pun. The celebration has extended into a Facebook Event with over 60,000 attending, and with fans texting and tweeting in “Yoda speak” that day.


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