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Whether its taco night or a full-fledge fiesta here are some Mexican party games to entertain your crowd. Perfect for Cinco de Mayo, Posadas, or Día de los Muertos celebrations, too.

Of course the food is going to be great, but there needs to be entertainment as well for a successful party. The entertainment makes everyone connect in a meaningful way and go home happy. The problem is to find the right type of entertainment to entice everyone to participate.

The best type of entertainment for your Mexican party is whatever your guests would enjoy. (Grandma and her friends won’t want a pinata, but they might play Mexican Train dominoes.) See How to Choose the Party Entertainment for more information on how to choose, the different choices, and how you need more than one selection.

Music & Dancing

mariachi band at fiesta party

If you have the space and the budget for a mariachi band, go for it! But most of us will settle for mariachi music from Spotify! Specify a dance area with Mexican crepe paper flowers and banners and decorations that hang overhead that will pump up the excitement and look great in the photos they put on social media.

Amazon offers an awesome 21 pc Mexican party decoration kit*:

  • One 6.5ft Triangular pennant
  • Eight 10inch/25cm Paper pompoms
  • Six 10inch/25cm Paper fans
  • Four Paper hollow fans
  • Two 6.5ft Circle Paper Garland.
mexican decoration kit

Ice Breaker & Arrival Ideas

There are always those who come early, and guests who come late. They will eat all your food if they get the nibbles while they’re waiting! Or worse yet, they’ll get bored. Here are some ideas that the hostess doesn’t have to supervise.

Photo Booth

They’re all dressed in their finest for the party – probably in bright Mexican colors. A photo booth is a fun way to interact while waiting, and again looks great on social media. You’re having an amazing party! Be sure to post your unique party hashtag for everyone to use.

mexican party photo booth backdrop

Amazon offers an amazing balloon arch and garland photo booth kit* – with the foil balloons that you can hang or use as photo props.

  • 100 balloons of different sizes
  • 23” cactus foil balloon
  • 23” avocado foil balloon
  • 6 fiesta Paper Fans of different sizes
  • 6 rolls of paper streamers

Very reasonable price!

Riles & Bash Mexican Fiesta Streamer Kit* is twice the price, but feels more authentic.

  • 9 premade paper flowers of varying colors, three 16″, three 12″, three 10″
  • 6 rolls of streamers: red, orange, green, blue, pink, purple – 82 feet each
  • 6 rolls of multi-colored ruffled streamers – 12 feet each
crepe paper photo booth backdrop
fiesta photo props

All the props* you need for a fiesta photo booth.

Includes 41 durable and full sized pre cut photo booth props with wooden sticks and adhesive pads to make for a quick and easy assembly; Also works perfectly with hot glue or tape for an extra secure hold (Quick and easy assembly required)

Included 8” x 10” Grab a Prop and Strike a Pose sign fits in a standard photo picture frame.

My Word! Game

 This My Word! game gets the fun started & gets the guests talking and mingling. They can start playing immediately with 2 guests and it has an unlimited number of players. (You just need one necklace and one index word card for each guest.)

Give everyone a necklace* or something that goes with the party theme when they arrive. Have index cards ready with some common conversational words. Have the guest randomly choose a card. Whenever someone says their word they secretly show the card to the person and collect their necklace or item. Guests usually try to trick people into saying their word which makes everyone talk and mingle!

fiesta bead necklaces

Inactive Games

mexican train dominoes game

Classic dominoes game called Mexican Train*.

  • 91 dominoes
  • 9 trains
  • score pad
  • easy to read instructions
  • aluminum carrying case

Great price!

Put & Take Brass Spinner* game of chance.

This Pirinola (spinner) is larger than most brass ones. Solid brass with gold surface coating.

  • AP- All Pay – Everyone puts 1 unit amount into the pot.
  • P1 – Pay One – The player will ante one into the pot.
  • T1 – Take One – The player will take one ante out of the pot.
  • TA – Take All – This is the biggy! The player takes the entire pot. Everyone will ante again and the game will start over.
put and take game

You can also play with a handmade wooden traditional Pirinola* (spinner), but it takes 3 weeks to be delivered. It’s in Spanish.

taco versus burrito board game

The Taco versus Burrito* card game was on Kickstarter and surpassed the initial goal by 2,400%!

It’s something like Uno, but you’re creating the weirdest Tacos or Burritos you can for the win.

Gameplay runs 10-15 minutes. Optimal for 2-4 players.

With the addition of the Foodie Expansion Pack*, you can play with 8 players. (You need both card games together.)

get loud spanish card game

Get Loud* game tests your knowledge of Spanish. There are 2 difficulty modes so you can put beginners on one team with their words, and all the ones who know Spanish on another team with more difficult words. This way everyone can play at the same time.

You can use the cards like flashcards to see if players know the word in Spanish (or vice versa), you can give them clues to guess the word, or use the cards for a game of charades.

Comes with 400 cards in English & Spanish – 800 words in total. Sand timer.

Active Games


adults with pinata

Adults love a piñata as much as kids! You can keep it simple and fill it with confetti that flies all over when it’s broken. (Everyone looks like they’re having fun at a great party after that!) Or you can fill it with candy or small prizes. See all the pinatas available on Amazon* – they have one for almost any party theme.

Big Bull Piñata*

  • 12″x15″ 
  • fillable
  • non-toxic, non-BPA
  • meet US toy standards
  • safety test approved
bull pinata

Throw Throw Burrito

throw throw burrito game

Throw Throw Burrito* game is a dodgeball card game created by the guys behind Exploding Kittens.

The game shown is the indoor version with plush burritos. (But you still need to put your valuables away – it’s a dodgeball game.)

There is also an outdoor extreme version* with 3′ inflatable burritos.

Throw Throw Burrito - How to Play

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