motivation monday

Hello Monday.

Time to get pumped for a new start to a new week.

It’s a Fresh Start! Let’s see what we can accomplish, and what life goals we can achieve.

Use the “Fresh Start Effect” to get motivated & accomplish more.

The Fresh Start Effect is a scientifically proven motivation technique. During times of natural transitions, we are strongly motivated to set goals and change habits. This is why we make resolutions for the new year on January 1st, promise ourselves we’ll save more money when we start a new job, begin an exercise plan the year before a milestone birthday, or focus on losing weight just before summer.

Mondays, the first day of the month, the equinox of a new season, birthdays, and a new semester are all beginning points where our aspirations are heightened and we are highly motivated to make a change.

“Firsts” have a way of decoupling your past performances from what is to come next.

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So here’s to a fresh start! Let’s set some short-term goals for the week and for the month.

For extra motivation, read a past article in the list below for more information & inspiration.

This Week

Setting goals is about making better choices that will get you where you want to be in the future. It’s investing in your future self. Weekly goals are like taking one step in a marathon. Mini-goals are easily achievable stepping stones that help you establish new habits and routines. This measurable progress boosts your motivation and gets you closer to achieving your long-term goals.

  1. What would you like to accomplish in the next 5-7 days?
  2. What mini-goal do you have that takes you a step closer to larger goals for the year?
  3. What success did you have last week that you’d like to build upon?

This Month’s Goal Ideas

September, the most colorful month of the year.

  1. Read one book or complete a short course.
  2. Make a maple leaf roses bouquet as a fall decoration & bonus exercise and fresh air.
  3. Go to an apple orchard to pick apples.
  4. Make academic goals for yourself or in helping your children.

Find you guiding purpose through your core values.

Find your guiding purpose in life through discovering your core values in this exercise, Then set goals to help you become the new you. Do a daily meditation visualizing yourself living your core values & achieving your goals until they are manifested.

Achieving Goals

Here are tips to help you set & achieve your goals.

Life Hacks

Here are some life hacks to make it easier to live the life you love.