To the Nutty Chocolatier for Yummy Party Supplies

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nutty chocolatier bannerThey have every chocolate bar and candy imaginable, available in the usual box or wrapper or in bulk. What if I need just the green Runts for a peas & carrots backwards dinner cupcake? I don’t have to buy 4 boxes and dig the green apple ones out (and then try not to eat the left over banana, strawberry, orange and grape ones!) I can buy just what I need for my little party project and go home happy.

I get all my stocking stuffers here at Christmas. They have Wonka bars with a golden ticket (like in the movie) and all sorts of candy from all over the world so everyone can try something a little different – or something they remember having from their homeland.

And yes, going home I am happy indeed, wondering if maybe I live a little too close to the Nutty Chocolatier.

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P.S. See the TV Dinner Cupcakes I made with my candy purchase.

I have not been compensated in any way for this article. I just wanted to share a little joy and nostalgia . . .

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