How To Create Party Invitations that Excite

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Party invitations are the first impression your guests get of your party. Here are tips on how to create an invitation that excites and whets their enthusiasm for your “can’t miss” event.

Anticipation is half the fun, so create an interesting party invitation that gives them a taste of what’s to come.

In other words, the invitation should hint at your party theme.

If it gives them an interesting introduction to the fun they’ll have when they get to your party, then the excitement and anticipation will grow.

Here are a few ideas as a springboard for your imagination. Which example applies to the party you’re planning? What would excite your particular guests the most? Pique their interest with your invitation, and build the excitement.

Costume Invitations

woman wearing cat ear headband costume invitation

The most interesting party invitation includes something the guest should wear to the party with the party information. That certainly builds excitement!

You can give each guest the same item, or a different item. It doesn’t have to be the whole costume, it can be just a little something that starts them off and they have to use their imagination to complete the ensemble.

There’s headbands, hats, noses, glasses – all the way to full costumes. This excites because it teases the party theme & makes the guest anticipate wearing the item.

Gift Invitations

gift box party invitation idea

A gift party invitation is simply an object – a little gift – with the invitation attached.

Choose a small gift that hints at things to come – something that makes the invitee excited about the party theme.

The gift attached to the invitation can also be a candy, toy or fun item that represents something to do with the party theme.

Here are some more ideas:

  • attach the invitation to a pool noodle for a pool party
  • write the invitation information on a beach ball, deflate and mail for a beach party
  • write the information on an inflatable #1 finger, deflate and mail for a sports party
  • put the invitation in a clear bottle with some sand and coins for a pirate party
  • attach it to a little bottle of a bubbly beverage or champagne bubble bath for a new year’s invitation
  • attach it to a tiara for a princess party
  • put a sheriff’s badge on it for a cowboy party
  • attach it to a theme-shaped cookie
  • attach it to the handle of a tea cup for a tea party
  • include a fruit tea bag & little plant for an outdoor tea party
  • include a super hero eye mask for a super hero party
  • attach it to fairy wings for the girls to wear to the party
  • send a fortune teller finger game in an envelope that opens up with the party information
  • roll the invitation around a toy rolling pin for a baking party
  • attach it to a bag of legos that builds into something that fits the party theme
  • attach it to a pool noodle with duct tape handle for a light sabre for a Star Wars party
  • put the information in a homemade fortune cookie
  • print a candy bar wrapper for a large chocolate bar with the party information and wrap it around

You get the idea. Just think of an item that represents the theme of your party and attach it – or a toy, ornament, cookie or candy version of it – to the invitation.

The Surprise Ball Gift Invitation

The ultimate gift invitation is the surprise ball which is essentially a ball made of a crepe paper streamer with little toys, trinkets and candy wrapped inside.

As the crepe paper is unrolled, the gifts fall out until the end when the invitation information is revealed.

All the little gifts are hints of what’s to come with the scents, flavors and ideas of the party theme.

See our tutorial on how to make a suprise ball invitation.

everyone loves a surprise ball

How to Make an Invitation that Appeals to the Senses

Take your party invitations to the next level and appeal to more senses than just sight.


gingerbread cookie invitation for taste

Send a lollipop, candy or cookie with a flavor that relates to your party theme.


scented invitations with perfume bottle

It’s as easy as spraying the inside of the envelope with a specific scent – and you can use it again at the door as guests arrive to link the two. There’s pine scent for Christmas invitations, sea breeze for a beach party, cookie dough for a baking party, baby powder scent for a baby shower, and so on.


invitation with sound for christmas

You’ve seen the cards that play music in the card shops, but did you know you can record your own? There are blank Sound Modules for Greeting Cards* so you can record your own music or message.

The 10 Second Recordable Sound Module* is cheaper but thicker.

Choose a sound that matches your party theme. Send an ocean sound for a beach party, seagulls squawking for a pirate party, horns playing a royal proclamation for a princess party, bells or Christmas carol for a holiday gathering, etc.

Information to Include in Your Party Invitation

Of course, there still has to be an invitation card with the gift that gives all the pertinent information. When you’re creating your own invitation it’s easy to get so excited that you can forget to give a piece of important information.

Here’s a party invitation checklist:

  1. Name of the host and/or honoree – the birthday girl or birthday boy.
  2. Date of party including Day, Month and Time.
  3. Address of party venue – include a map and phone number for the venue if people haven’t been there before.
  4. Reason for the party – birthday, anniversary, baby shower, milestone or playday
  5. Party theme if you have chosen one.
  6. RSVP – give them the name and phone number for them to call to confirm or decline the invitation, along with a “reply by” date that is a week before the party to give you enough time to chase them down if necessary.
  7. “Best wishes only” notice if you don’t expect them to come bearing gifts.
  8. Requests:
    • specify if you want them to wear a costume
    • bring something in particular for the party
    • if its a suprise party
    • special terms or events happening at the party
    • special equipment needed such as a swim suit for a pool party

idea light bulb

Make more than the party-goers happy:

Request that guests bring canned goods for the local food bank, or a donation for a charity that is connected to your party theme – such as a donation to Cookies for Kids Cancer for a baking party, or diapers and baby formula for the food bank at a baby shower.

If collecting money, make it a competition between the gals & guys to see who donates the most!

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