Pass Around the Luck on St Patrick’s Day

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st patricks day goodie bags

Wish the neighbors luck on St Patrick’s Day by passing out treat bags – kinda the opposite of Halloween!

You can make shamrock shaped sugar cookies or any of the other wonderful St Patrick’s Day recipes we have here. Package them up, put them in a cute basket and go door to door as a family handing out goodies to all the neighbors.

You don’t have to do any baking. You could buy the gold foil chocolate coins and pass them out instead.

Won’t the neighbors feel lucky to live near your family?

Make Your Own Little Parade Float

If you’re feeling really lucky, you can build a Pot of Gold parade float to ride to each house on!

Here’s how to create the base using some steel, a remote controller and two wheel chair motors. There is a little more information at Instructables, but not much more. As I said, Good Luck!

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