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Our Products

We make party printables, courses, journals and planners that we sell on this website. But you’ve probably noticed that we are more than that. We offer information & inspiration for each party, too. For FREE. Our printable products are not the sole purpose of our site. Our mission to to try and make it as easy as possible for women to add magic to their lives every day to create happy memories for their family & friends and live their best life.

We thank all of our Merrymaker friends who have purchased our printables. We sincerely appreciate the financial support so we can continue creating more ways to play!

Referral Fees

We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, which means we will receive a small referral fee from Amazon for sending purchasers their way. This does NOT make the item more expensive for you. It is the same price as if you discovered it yourself on Amazon.

We do NOT see any of your personal details. All of that is handled by Amazon on their site. We don’t know who made a purchase, they just send us the referral fee.

We appreciate it when you use our link when you make a purchase. You know how long it takes to find the perfect item on Amazon!

We are also affiliates with:

  1. Napa Cabs, a family owned wine merchant in California that sells cellared wines as well as everyday wines.
  2. Hoffmaster produces the most complete line of specialty disposable tabletop products for your parties. Awesome selection including high-end and designer tableware, bakeware, napkins & more.
  3. Joyfy is one of the fastest-growing designers and manufacturers of toys, party supplies and seasonal products in the USA market with over 6,000 products.
  4. Canvas HVN creates motivational and inspirational artwork for your home, office or gym in multiple canvas sizes.
  5. offer products that are exciting, unusual, and hilarious, a great place to find stand-out gifts for friends and family. They sell well-known and well-loved brands such as Disney, Star Wars, Harry Potter, Marvel, Funko, DC just to name a few. It’s a geek paradise!
  6. ChefsTemp offer state-of-the-art tech cooking tools to professional, gourmet, amateur chefs and kitchen enthusiasts worldwide.
  7. Rusted Orange Craft Works Co, located in Utah, is run by 2 best friends and their wives to create personalized decor and meaningful gifts. Click on link for 15% off your first order!

We only link to items that we personally approve of and recommend. Even if it comes from a place where we won’t make a cent. Conversely, we won’t link to something just in order to make a few cents. Everything you see here we are giving a thumbs up.

We sincerely appreciate when you make a purchase from our shop or include the affiliate link on other purchases. It helps us pay for this site so we can continue to put more play in your day.