Overcoming Overwhelm Workbook


When we are overwhelmed, we go into a Fight, Flight or Freeze mode. This instructional workbook walks you through your feelings and helps you recognize the earmarks of overwhelm so can you overcome it before you get to those stages. It also gives you the skills to combat overload overwhelm, traumatic overwhelm, and spontaneous anxiety when it becomes too much to handle.

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This workbook is intended to be read from the first page to the last in order. This way, you are led step by step to see the earmarks and effects of overwhelm in your own life. In each section, you answer the prompts first as they lead your thoughts to a conclusion. Then there are instructional pages with exercises you can try immediately as they apply to your situation.

woman overload overwhelm

Overload Overwhelm

Sometimes we have too many things to do and we feel so overwhelmed that we just can’t do anything.

Answering the journal prompts helps you see exactly how overwhelm affects you, and shows you the early signs so you can focus on dealing with situations before you are overwhelmed.

It also includes step by step instructions to assist you to think through your overload and how to deal with your to-do list in a way that overcomes overwhelm.

Early signs & consequences of overwhelm

The prompts in this workbook helps you recognize the early earmarks of feeling overwhelmed so you can deal with it before you are in fight, flight or freeze mode.

The journaling sections help you see the consequences of overwhelm in your own life to motivate you to deal with it and give you tools to try learn what works for you.

sad overwhelmed woman with headache
overwhelmed with life due to trauma

Traumatic Overwhelm

When we experience a trauma, or are reminded of a traumatic event, we can become overwhelmed and unable to function.

The Overcoming Overwhelm Workbook includes instruction for the STOP technique and explains a relaxation routine to help you find ways to combat overwhelm that can help you recover.

Overcoming Overwhelm MOCKUP

You get:

  • workbook cover
  • 6 dividers
  • 22 prompt & informational pages
  • blank pages for extra journaling
  • Notes pages

This workbook is not intended to replace professional help. Please seek assistance if you are stuck and need an answer. This is a journal style workbook with prompts to help you see how overwhelm is affecting your life, and to think of ways to overcome overwhelm that work for you. You are precious and deserve to be free from overwhelm to enjoy your life. Please continue doing whatever it takes to live a happy life.