Pet Rabbit Guide


Rabbits are perfect pets for apartment dwellers because they’re quiet & don’t need to go for walks, and for those who are away from home from 9-5 because that’s when bunnies sleep. If you are buying a rabbit for Easter – or for your family any time – this pet rabbit guide tells you all the basics you need to know to take your bunny home.

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Inside this quick-as-a-bunny guide you’ll learn everything you need to know to bring your pet rabbit home.

pet rabbit guide mockup

Information in Your Pet Rabbit Guide

  • Checklist of supplies required to bring your pet rabbit home
  • Information on feeding your rabbit with Pet Rabbit Food Reference Guide
  • Instructions on litter training your bunny with a Litter Training Supply List
  • Tips on keeping your rabbit clean with Most Common Grooming Tools List & their uses
  • Information on rabbit housing with a Hutch Sizing Guide
  • Tips on correct handling of your bunny
  • How to know what your pet rabbit is feeling with diagrams


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