Psycho Sushi Chef Costume He'll Love

Psycho Sushi Chef Adult Costume
Psycho Sushi Chef Adult Costume

What They Say:
Crazy about sushi?
This psycho sushi chef takes a few creative liberties with his culinary artistry. A great gross-out costume for your next fright night! Includes a kimono-style chef’s jacket, matching sushi chef’s hat, bloody knife prop and gross body part sushi prop. An epicurean nightmare!
* Availble in One Size Fits Most Adults.
* Includes: Jacket, Hat, Knife, Sushi Prop.
* Does Not Include: Teeth, Makeup, Pants or Shoes.
What I Say:
If you are going to a costume party with your boyfriend wearing the sexy sushi costume, here’s a sushi chef costume that will match yours but is gross enough that he’ll agree to wear it! Also available in Plus Size.


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Thelma A. Trivett

Hi Teresa, I just want to say that I enjoyed reading this article of your about Psycho Sushi Chef Costume.. I love the costume. Let me see if I can buy a blue one..