Snowman Meatloaf Makes Winter Dining Fun

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Need to get kids with a picky palate to eat? A Snowman Meatloaf will be unforgettable. They’re also fun for a winter or snowman themed party.

You will need:

  • round mini-meatloaf (made in muffin tin)
  • mashed potatoes – 1 per person
  • milk
  • carrots with narrow point – 1 per snowman
  • peas or lima beans – 2 per snowman
  • bell peppers in assorted colors
  • rosemary springs or parsley springs – 2 per snowman


Step 1. Plan and prepare your snowman decorations.

Carrot Nose: Baby carrots don’t have that nice point, so choose a bunch of carrots that come to a narrow point and cut to correct length.

Eyes: Peas make perfect eyes, but you can use any vegetable from a frozen vegetable mix. Lima beans make him look happy!

Scarf: Cut bell pepper into thin strips. Microwave for 20 seconds to make it pliable but still edible. Circle the snowman’s neck with a strip and tuck strips to hang down like a scarf. You can use any color you like – green, red, orange, yellow – just use a different color for the hat if you’re including one. Green hat with a red scarf makes a fun Christmas snowman meal for kids.

Hat: Use the bottom of a red or green pepper for a toque. Choose a type that is a triangular shape with a very small point to fit your snowman. Very narrow strips of a different color can make the band.

Buttons: Use a different vegetable from your mix than you used for the eyes, or use raisins.

Arms: You can use rosemary sprigs as we did, or parsley sprigs with a few leaves on the ends of the stem.

Step 2. Preheat oven.

Set oven to 350°F to preheat for meatloaf while preparing potatoes.

Step 3. Boil the potatoes. (Or prepare instant potatoes.)

Put potatoes on to boil and move on to next step. Estimate one potato per person.

Step 4. Prepare your favorite meatloaf recipe.

(If you need an easy one, try Momma McEachern’s Meatloaf recipe.) Put meatloaf in muffin tin and bake for 20 minutes.

Step 5. Mash the potatoes.

Mash as usual, and then add milk little by little until potatoes are a playdough consistency.

Step 6. Build your snowman.

Place mini-meatloaves on individual plates. When mashed potatoes are cool enough to handle, roll into 2 or 3 balls just like you would when playing with play dough with your kids. Form into a snowman on top of your meatloaf.

Step 7. Embellish and serve.

Put the snowman decorations on as planned and serve immediately. (Can put in 200°F for a few minutes to keep warm while arranging other snowmen.)

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