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St Patrick's Day photo cake to match party theme

Easy Way for Your St Patrick’s Day Cake to Match Your Party Theme

Keep it simple, but make your St Patrick’s Day cake look awesome and match your party theme with this secret tip.

Keep it simple and get your cake at the local grocery store – but make it uniquely yours by ordering a photo cake.

  • use your favorite printable from your St. Patrick’s party printables set to put on the cake so it matches your party theme
  • or use a photo of yourself in your St Patrick’s day gear to make it festive

And then garnish it to make it even more awesome.

  • Add some Andes Creme de Menthe Thins* around the edge of the cake, and crush some for the sides.
  • Or, if you can find green M&Ms, place them around the sides of the cake.

Use your creativity, and the party cake is “semi homemade” – decorated with love, but with a cake that turned out perfect.

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Easy Way for Your St Patrick\'s Day Cake to Match Your Party Theme
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