Summer Acts of Kindness Bucket List for Adults

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Get your crew of friends together to wow the crowd where you live. Make this the summer of kindness & see how many acts of kindness you can accomplish before Labor Day.

We believe that playing & having fun together is the Good Time Glue that cements relationships. If you’re having a good time doing good *boom* imagine what that does!

Not only does a Random Act of Kindness bind the hearts of those who participate together, it creates community spirit. The participants feel closer to their community, and those who benefit from the Act feel a connection with their community, too. It’s win/win for everyone.

Yes! We can change the world one little bit at a time. We can bring happiness one little act of kindness at a time. Whenever I go through the drive thru for coffee, I pay for the person behind me. The cashier at the drive thru window recognizes me and tells me the chain reaction it caused. “They paid it forward for 10 customers!”

How kind do you want to be this summer? Decide on dates that you’d like to get together and do things on the list that interest you.

Random acts of kindness list.

  • hand out popsicles at the beach or the park playground (ask parents before you give to children)
  • wear a “free hugs” shirt and see who takes you up on the offer (give everyone a great but true complement anyway)
  • take a roll of quarters and put them in the parking meter downtown if a shopper’s meter is empty
  • take some small bubble wands and solution from the dollar store and hand them out at the park or playground
  • give lottery tickets to strangers
  • paint encouragement stones and leave them on the sidewalk every block as you walk (make them glow in the dark, too)
  • hand out stickers to kids waiting in line
  • hold a free car wash for your neighbors
  • wash the dirty slides & swings – or dry them after it rains
  • leave pennies heads-up on the sidewalk so someone can pick it up and feel like today is their lucky day
  • make heat-relief packets for the homeless and give them to the local soup kitchen to hand out
  • feed ducks at the lakeshore
  • donate coloring books & new crayons to the children’s hospital
  • have a lemonade stand where you hand it out for free
  • go door to door in your neighborhood and ask for cans of food to donate to the local foodbank
  • donate pet toys to the local SPCA Humane Society
  • run or walkathon for a cause
  • leave uplifting chalk messages in front of public places
  • make bookmarks to leave at your library
  • give glow necklaces to kids at the park at dusk
  • make a loan together at to help a needy entrepreneur in another part of the world – loans start at $25 and are almost always paid back
  • host a block party or neighborhood party
  • sing at a nursing home
  • bury little toy treasures at the playground
  • make a symbolic species adoption at the World Wildlife Fund
  • go together to pay for a young family’s meal when you’re at a restaurant
  • donate teddy bears to the local fire department to give to children who have experienced a home fire
  • collect litter at the beach, park or other public area that needs attention (please wear gloves)
  • plant a tree together

A bonus, just for fun.

Can you decipher what this sign says?

random acts of kindess quote

Photo by Leigh-Chantelle

Did you get that?

“If we all do one random act of kindness daily we just might set the world in the right direction.”

Martin Kornfeld

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