Sushi 101: Nigiri Sushi

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Guest Blogger James Sholis tells us about nigiri sushi.

nigiri sushi

Nigiri sushi is a popular form of sushi where a sliver of raw fish or prawns rests on a bed of sushi rice. This oblong shaped sushi dish is highly trendy, as it allows the full flavor of the fish to be the star.

There are many ways to make nigiri sushi, which means that while you can order the same style of fish many times, each time you have it, it can be a new experience.

Some chefs prefer to use nori as a way to keep the fish on the bed of rice. Other chefs prefer a small amount of wasabi. As there are also many diverse ways to prepare sushi rice, the rice itself can modify the flavor of the fish.

The taste of Nigiri sushi depends on the way you adopted to eat it and there are many ways to eat it. While eating Nigiri sushi keep that in mind that you have to eat Nigiri so that your tongue would first taste the fish. Eating rice below the Nigiri would not give you a delicious taste. So before eating Nigiri make it sure that you know what is the right way of eating because sushi chefs chiefly give importance to the fish.

Many people like the flavor of soy sauce with their nigiri sushi. However, there is a very specific way that nigiri sushi should be dipped into soy sauce and wasabi. Unlike maki or other forms of sushi, nigiri sushi can become extremely complicated to eat if the rice becomes wet from soy sauce. Because of this, nigiri sushi should be dipped in soy sauce with the fish portion. This will ensure that the rice bed does not break apart when you are attempting to eat it.

As sushi making is a talent, the way of eating sushi is also a skill. You can either use your fingers or chopsticks to eat the Nigiri sushi. Be vigilant whenever you eat a sushi meal, try not to waste anything. It would be taken as an insult for the sushi maker if you leave anything in your platter without eating it because they assume you will complete all your sushi. Although if you do not take any sushi from the primary serving dish it would not be considered offensive because it is not at all necessary to select sushi from the main dish.

Nigiri sushi must be taken in one go. But if your Nigiri sushi is bigger than normal sushi, you can eat it in two pieces. All the sushi food, excluding Temaki sushi, should not be consumed by taking more than two bites.

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