Sushi-inspired Food by an American, for Americans

sushi american style cookbook

Sushi American Style
Price: 22.50

Sushi American Style cookbook is available from Random House.

Here is an interesting cookbook for people who like the idea of sushi, but don’t feel ready to try raw fish.

In fact, if you are enamored with the idea of good ole American comfort food but want to change it up a little, this cookbook is for you!
Sushi chef Tracy Griffith introduces you to truly American-style sushi, with simple fillings like bacon, lettuce, and tomato; grilled pork; barbecued chicken; and sautéed vegetables. The Dixie Roll features fried chicken, onions, and coleslaw; the Cowboy Roll includes peppery steak, blue cheese, and arugula. (I know – you’re drooling a little, aren’t you?)
Tracy also explores flavors from around the world with the Two Tiger Roll of shrimp, tomatillo, and chipotle sauce; the Cordon Bleu Roll with ham, Swiss cheese, and chicken; and of course Asian-inspired treats like the Ginger Crab Roll.
These sushi rolls are packed with flavor and perfect for entertaining–pass them around as hors d’oeuvres or throw a “roll-it-yourself” sushi party! You’ll learn everything you need to know to make creative sushi without the raw-fish fuss.
Now this is sushi you can see yourself making at home, isn’t it.


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