Sushi Magnets to Keep Your Refrigerator Chronicles in Place

sushi magnets
These Sushi Mini Magnets are from Think Geek.

What They Say:

In Japan, sushi is usually reserved for special occasions. Most commonly, they order high-quality ingredients assembled by artisans costing ten-thousand yen or more per person! Here in America, sushi is now considered by many to be a simple ethnic food you can pick up in the refrigerated section of your neighborhood grocery store. That’s right, sushi is now as common in the USA as plutonium was in 1985, though you don’t need one point twenty one gigawatts to enjoy it. You need only a decent sushi restaurant and the menu. Or a good delivery service, if you’re lucky enough to get super fresh seafood delivered in your neighborhood!
Check your fridge – there might be a menu stuck on it for a decent sushi delivery place! You know how we can tell? The paper carry-out menu is held on bit little bitty sushi magnets! Lookit! Tiny otoro! Itty bitty ikura! Miniscule ebi! Tiny tamago! Super small sake! All made more awesome by nature of their miniature status, and their neodymium roots. Yep, these puppies are magnetic, and are surprisingly strong! Class up your refrigerator magnets collection with some delicious* sushi… although, technically these are more nigiri than sushi… and even more technically, they’re plastic with magnets. Doesn’t matter, they’re still incredibly cool! * Please don’t eat them, no matter how delicious they look!

What I Say:

Did you know the front of your refrigerator chronicles your life? Take a look. . . there’s the fav photos, the poem that you love, tickets to an upcoming event, a calendar with notations, and of course drawings from your favorite little person. If everything on the fridge tells the world about you, they may as well be held on by sushi magnets so everyone knows about your love for Japanese cuisine too.


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