Sushi Panic! (No, It's Not Godzilla Eating Fish. It's a Fun Game.)

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Sushi Panic Japanese GameThe Sushi Panic Japanese Game from Think Geek is made in Japan where all the fun stuff comes from!
Here’s What They Say About Sushi Panic
Sushi Panic is a game of pure chance, fun, and flying fish bits. Your high-falutin’ sushi restaurant has this one special table that all the waiters hate. It seems to have a mind of its own – if there are too many pieces of sushi on it, the table pops up and sends fish flying. But the customers keep ordering, so you keep sending your waiters out to drop off the rolls and nigiri. One piece, two pieces, three pieces, four pieces, five pieces, six pieces, sev – POP! The table bucks and your customers are covered with fish. Time to fire that unlucky waiter!
Important Note: Sushi Panic is imported from Japan, home of sushi. This means that all of the directions are in Japanese. So that you don’t need to take years of Japanese language courses we’ve included a handy summary of how to play Sushi Panic:
Set up the sushi table. Shuffle the deck of cards and place them where all players can reach them. The youngest player goes first. Draw a card. Place the corresponding piece of sushi on the table. Play continues around the table to the right. If your piece of sushi causes the table to pop, you lose! (Everyone else wins!)
Recommended ages: 3 – adult. Fun, fast, and easy game imported from Japan. No reading required so its the perfect game for wee sushi chefs who can’t read much yet. Set contains: Table, 16 cards, 16 pieces of sushi – 4 roll, 12 nigiri
What I Say:
My 20-something kids all love sushi and go to Sushi Island, a Japanese cuisine restaurant a couple of blocks from our house at least once a week with their friends for an all-you-can-eat 3 hour gastronomic extravaganza. They are also fascinated with anything Japanese so the cards with the Kanji writing will be most impressive to them. I wanted to buy this for Christmas – we always get a board game – but I ran out of budget!
When my boys were little they loved their Yahoo Buckaroo game, and this is an adult version. . . only with sushi.  What’s not to love?
Here is a video clip of a couple playing the game.  They don’t speak English, the cards are in Japanese, but you still get the drift of the game and that’s what important, right?


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