Sushi Play Food for the Little Sushi Chef

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melissa and doug sushi playset
Sushi Slicing Box by Melissa & DougWhat can your littlest sushi chef do while you’re making sushi for the family?
Play with this Melissa and Doug Sushi Box from Kazoo Toys!
What They Say:
Our new wooden slicing sushi set is a meal fit for an emperor! Three types of sushi rolls come with shrimp, tuna, salmon roe and egg pieces and a few more condiment extras. Includes chopsticks and cleaver too! Size: 9″ x 10″ x 1.5″.
What I Say:
The chopsticks have velcro on them so it makes it easy for children to pretend to use them to pick up food. The “sushi” parts also stick together with velcro and kids love cutting them apart with the included cleaver. Great toy for kids familiar with sushi. Also great to keep them busy playing in the Japanese restaurant.
Here is a video clip of a 21 month old girl play with her sushi box.

See? Cutting with the cleaver is their favorite!
For more information on the Melissa and Doug Sushi Box, visit Kazoo Toys.
Don’t you think it looks like fun?


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