Sushi Poster on Poster (of course), T-shirts, Mugs & More

Sushi Poster with 24 different sushi shown
Large Poster with 24 variations of sushi (japanese and english description)

Of course you want yummy sushi enticing you every moment from a poster on the wall!
Here’s a large poster featuring photos of 24 different types of sushi with their Japanese and English names.
It’s even educational!

What hardcore sushi addict wouldn’t have a sushi poster or framed photo of sushi decorating their space?
We knew we had to feature one!
sushi poster with 24 different kinds of sushi on t-shirts
For those who want to be a walking billboard for wonderful, delicious sushi there’s a poster on a t-shirt. Click to see all the styles, colors and sizes of shirts available for him, for her, for babies, kids – even dogs!
Sushi Mug: sushi poster with 24 different kinds of sushi on mug
For those who would prefer to admire sushi with their morning coffee, there’s a sushi poster mug. If you’re not a coffee drinker, there’s also a water bottle or a thermos to admire sushi on the go!
All sushi poster merchandise is printed on demand by Cafepress and is covered by a 30 day no-hassle satisfaction guarantee.


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