Sushi Staplers Because You Want to Keep Your Sushi Close at Hand

Sushi Stapler

Price: 6.99

What They Say:

The other day we were having sushi in our favorite Mexican restaurant, and when one of us said, “If only we could use sushi to fasten pieces of paper!” We all agreed that it would indeed be a wonderful use for Sushi. But little did we know that our Sushi dreams could become a reality!
Sushi Staplers are little staplers that look just like real sushi. There are three styles — Maguro (tuna), Nagiri (salmon), and Ebi (shrimp). And they all rest on a base of sushi rice.  
Each Sushi Stapler is between 3-1/4″” and 4-1/4″” and comes complete with 600 #10 staples. (the little type) So now we all have little Sushi Staplers sitting on our desks.
The sushi staplers are from  They choose which stapler to send you, but if you buy more than one they’ll make sure they are different.


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