Sushi You Can Cuddle! Plush Sushi So Cute Everyone Will Want One

Plush Sushi

This cute plush sushi set is available from Think Geek.
plush sushi
I know you love sushi so much you want to cuddle up with your favorites, so here is a collection of four different kinds of plush sushi. They are approximately 8″ long (except for the wasabi and ginger which are approximately 4″ tall.)
They are $9.99 each (wasabi and ginger come as a set) or $29.99 for all of them.
I gave the whole set to my 23 year old daughter for Christmas in 2010. She adores them! They looked so cute all tucked in a basket with cellophane and ribbons.
*Please note that these stuffed sushi are not for little children due to the small parts, especially the red balls on the roe.

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