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This epic Taco Bar party is one for the memory books. It has something for everyone, and looks beautiful. A Taco Bar is a fun mini-party, or goes perfectly with watching the game, a movie or binge watching your favorite shows.

This authentic Taco Bar Party was created by Ericka Sanchez of Nibbles and Feasts for Real California Milk.

authentic taco bar party

Pay homage to Hispanic-style culinary traditions by creating a Taco Bar with favorites like taquitos, tacos, rice, guacamole, pico de gallo, Cotija and Queso Fresco cheeses and cremas.

Featured in this Taco Bar:

This is a go around the table style of Taco bar.

Top Row, Left to Right:

Cheese taquitos

Salsa verde (green salsa) – see our California Salsa Verde recipe

Cotija Cheese, crumbled

Pico de gallo

Potato taquitos

Queso Fresco, crumbled


Tequila with chili salt (optional)

Middle Row, Left to Right:

Carne asada tacos

Queso Fresco, crumbled

Chicken street tacos

Chipotle Crema

Carnitas tacos with hard shells

Bottom Row, Left to Right:

Cotija Cheese, crumbled


Mexican rice

Carne asada tacos


To assemble top row: Place cheese taquitos in pan, salsa verde in bowl, Cotija cheese in bowl, pico de gallo in bowl, potato taquitos on plate and Queso Fresco in bowl. Garnish potato taqitos with pico de gallo, guacamole, Queso Fresco and crema. Optional: Add tray with tequila, cups and chili salt.

To assemble middle row: Place carne asada tacos on plate, queso fresco in bowl, chicken street tacos on plate, chipotle crema in bowl and carnitas tacos on serving tray.

To assemble bottom row: Place Cotija cheese and crema in bowls, potato taquitos on serving tray, Mexican rice in bowl, carne asada tacos on plate and guacamole in bowl.

Arranging the Taco Bar

Even though you’re setting out the tacos for ease of service, guests find an array of toppings so they can serve themselves and create their own personal taco.

The starting point of the taco bar contains the tacos, taquitos and rolled tacos. Then have toppings and fillings in bowls with servings spoons. End with the side dishes. Beverages should be on a separate table so people going for seconds of food and drink don’t have to line up together.

Make your fillings ahead and keep warm in a slow cooker or covered crock in the oven. Guacamole and salsa can be made the day before if you’re making your own. (If there’s a Latin grocery store near you, that’s the place to make your purchase if you’re not.)

If you’re not serving the tacos with the meat filling and allowing guests to fill their own, use a taco warmer to keep them toasty. If you are serving them filled, a taco stand can keep them from falling over once someone takes one off the platter.

Decorating your taco bar.

Use trays, bowls and plates in different textures, sizes and shapes. Try to find authentic talavera dishes and terracotta bowls by Mexican artisans to give your taco bar that special traditional feel.

Colorful cotton fiesta napkins add authenticity and are excellent tea towels after the party. If you don’t want the work of washing, paper Cinco de Mayo napkins add a festive flair.

Mexican serape table runners or table cloths with textured placemats add a festive authentic feel as well.

See the tassels on the chairs? That’s a nice touch!

I love the sunflowers on the table above. It adds beauty and gives the taco table a different feel than if it was just food dishes.

Mexican Serape Table Runner from amazon
Papel Picado Banners Mexican Fiesta Decorations

Of course you have to string Papel Picado Banners in the party room! These ones are made of felt rather than plastic or paper, and look more authentic.

Over the taco bar and table is perfect place for them because everyone takes photos of the food, right?

Be sure to post a notice with your party hashtag for all those photos guests will be posting on social media. 😉

Entertainment Ideas

adults with pinata

Want entertainment ideas that go beyond the pinata? See Mexican Party Games & Entertainment Ideas. (Of course we have some special pinatas there, too.)

For a Taco Bar Party you may want a large taco pinata, either for entertainment or decoration.

17.5″ x 11″ x 5″, holds 2 lb.

large taco pinata

Food Ideas


rose hip agua fresa
rose hip agua fresca

If some of your recipes are HOT, be sure to have water available and Agua Fresca.

Agua Fresca is a Mexican non-alcoholic beverage like a sweetened infused water. It is made with fresh fruit, seeds, and even flowers like hibiscus.

It can be thick like a smoothie unless you filter the pulp. If you add chia seeds, they will become gelatinous, creating a thicker drink.

agua fresca mexican lemonade with chia seeds
agua fresca: mexican lemonade with chia seeds

The other beverages you may want is tequila in shot glasses with lime wedges.

See how to salt the rims.

Margaritas are another beverage that goes well with a taco bar.

tequila with salted rims and lime wedges

See our taco recipes.

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