Take Amazing Photos that Tell a Story & Evoke Emotion

Whenever my family travels, all 5 of us have our own cameras and end up standing beside each other taking photos of the same thing. Do they all look the same? No!

  • My daughter took graphic design in college and takes amazing photos that are works of art.
  • My middle-man son uses a video camera – he’s an actor at heart.
  • The baby – my youngest son – takes funny random pics that remind us of the fun we had but we’re not going to put them on this year’s Christmas card.
  • My hubby has taken photography courses and it’s become a full-time hobby since his retirement – his photos are picture-perfect like postcards.
  • And mine? My photos are the typical “mom” tourist pics of everyone lined up in front of something!

Feeling pretty frustrated after looking over our Greece photos, I asked my daughter why there was so much difference. Everything she taught me is in the following infographic.

how to take amazing photos that capture emotion

Rule of Thirds in Photography


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rule of thirds photography tip[/column]
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My daughter says the reason her photos evoke emotion is due to how she frames them. The rule of thirds is what makes a photo a work of art compared to a “tourist” photo.

Make sure the grid is turned on in your camera viewer so you can see the intersecting lines.


Mastering the Rule of Thirds

Photography Lighting Tips


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photography lighting tips
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My husband has become the master of lighting due to his photography courses. He understands how light affects the landscape, animal, object or person he’s photographing so his pictures are gorgeous.

(Except for the time I was posing in front of the White House and he took too long to compose his photo – they actually turned the lights out!)


Basics of Light for Photography

Basics of Lighting for Photos of People

Basics of Lighting for Photographing Objects

How to take better holiday photographs Infographic by Sykes Cottages


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