Tell Everyone About Your Passion for Sushi with an I Love Sushi T-shirt

Millions pass by every day. Tell them about your passion for sushi with an I Love Sushi t-shirt. You just never know who you’ll meet, and whether you’ll get an invitation to the local sushi bar!

All I Love Sushi shirts shown here are printed on demand by Cafepress.
Click on the shirt to see all the colors, styles and sizes available for him, for her and for kids. (They come in sizes from baby onesies to adult 5X plus size.) Shirts are covered by a 30 day no-hassle satisfaction guarantee.

I Love Sushi T-shirt with Japanese Cats

I love sushi t-shirt featuring cats juggling sushi on their heads.

I Love Sushi Kitty T-shirts

Cute Japanese kitties tell everyone I Love Sushi with a prawn and a goldfish on their heads.

Funny I Love Sushi T-shirt with Man Hugging an Octopus

Funny I love sushi t-shirt with japanese man in traditional robes hugging an octopus

Funny I Love Sushi T-shirts

Funny I Love Sushi t-shirt features a Japanese man in traditional robes hugging an octopus.

I Love Sushi T-shirt with Prawns as Heart

I love sushi t-shirt with prawns as heart

I Love Sushi T-shirts

If you love sushi, you’ll love this shirt in the “I heart” tradition with two ebi forming the heart.

I Love Sushi T-shirt in the “I Heart” Tradition

I heart sushi t-shirt

I Love Sushi T-shirts

Traditional I Love Sushi text t-shirt.

Peace, Love, Sushi T-shirts for Her

peace love sushi t-shirt

Peace, Love, Sushi T-shirts

Cute Peace, Love, Sushi t-shirts in chocolate brown & bubblegum pink.

Would you wear one of these to tell everyone about your love for sushi?


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