The Only Sushi Cookbook You'll Ever Need

The Sushi BookThe Sushi Book by Celeste Heiter
Publisher’s Say:
Everything about sushi. How to choose, order, eat. How to make it at home. The history, evolution and art of sushi. How to become a sushi chef. Nutritional value, health and safety concerns. The pronunciation guide, together with a 39-page glossary, and a reverse dictionary, are especially helpful in identifying and ordering. Beautifully photographed in leading sushi restaurants.
About the Author:
With her lifelong love of Japan, its people and its culture, Celeste Heiter believes that she may have been Japanese in a previous incarnation. In this lifetime, however, Celeste was born in Mobile, Alabama, where she earned a Bachelor s degree in Art and English from the University of South Alabama. Inspired by a lifelong dream to visit the Great Buddha at Kamakura, she moved to Tokyo in 1988, where she spent two years teaching English conversation. She now lives in California’s Napa Valley.
About the Photographer:
Marc Schultz is a Bangkok-based commercial and fine-art travel photographer. Commercially, Marc focuses mainly on corporate, advertising, lifestyle, product, food, and interior photography. In 2002 Marc was elected to be an Associate (ARPS) of the Royal Photographic Society of England, one of the world’s oldest and most prestigious professional photographic associations, for his work in the field of Visual Arts.
My Say:
This is a 5 star book about sushi, and tells you everything you need to know about how to order sushi in a restaurant, including pronunciation, how to eat the sushi properly when it arrives at your table (so the rice doesn’t fall apart in your lap!) and even how to prepare it properly at home.
The photos in this book are so beautiful that it makes a wonderful “coffee table” book for the sushi lover.


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