The Super Easy Beer Tasting Party that Requires No Planning

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You and your crew are beer lovers. But who really knows the most about the beer you drink? Turn your competitiveness into a beer tasting party the super easy way with the Unlabeled board game!

unlabeled beer tasting board game

The great thing about the Unlabeled Blind Beer Tasting board game is that you can play at home with your own beer, or take the board to the pub or bar and play there!

Or, put more play in your day and show up at your friend’s house with the board game and the beer.

Each player brings one or two kinds of beer to the party – with the label hidden. (The best way to do this is use the same bags – like a paper lunch bag – to cover all the bottles and uncap them & serve still in the bag.)

You can also order a flight of “unlabeled” beers if you’re playing at a brewery or beer bar.

Unlabeled beer tasting game

Each round, players taste the same “unlabeled” beer and attempt to identify the beer’s characteristics, general beer category, or specific beer type on the game board. After everyone makes their guess, the label is revealed and points are awarded. 

Think you know the exact beer? Throw your game piece in the middle and state the brewery and beer name for maxed points!

winner of the unlabeled beer tasting party game
Unlabeled - The Blind Beer Tasting Game

Want to give it a try? Check it out on Amazon.

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beer tasting party friends

The Ultimate Guide to Hosting a Beer Tasting Party

We tell you everything you need to know to host a beer tasting party:

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  • How to pair food
  • How to judge the beer step by step

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