Toast Clock Because Any Time is Toast Time

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Don’t you think this fun Toast Shaped Clock is perfect for your kitchen?

Toast Shaped Clock

What They Say:

Toast gets no respect. People are always dressing it up with fancy toppings or using it to sop up a tasty broth. It’s as if toast has become nothing but a means to get other food in your mouth.
This is a clock for classic toast enthusiasts, au naturale, just the way it used to be. But, just stop for a minute and think about a world without toast… scary, isn’t it?
Each 10-1/4″ x 9″ clock has an MDF backing. Requires one AA battery (included).
Toast clock is from Baron Bob’s.

What I Say:

My daughter loves toast, her nickname is the “toast queen”. (In fact she created the kawaii toast shirts featured here.) I think this will make a fun gift for her!
What do you think? Would you put it on your kitchen wall? Yay or Nay!


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