Top Chefs & Home Cooks Agree – Bacon Adds Flavor to Everything

bacon and eggs
Can you imagine morning eggs and toast without it? What would happen to the BLT? A Cobb Salad? Life? Well, it would mean living without the world’s most enticing flavor and irresistible crunch. We all love bacon. It has bite. It’s chewy, crunchy, savory and slightly sweet. It should be on everyone’s list of minimum daily requirements.
Bacon’s seductive sizzle makes it a perennial favorite with Americans’ taste buds. From 2003 to 2004, bacon accounted for nearly half of the breakfast meat servings in restaurants, while bacon growth increased 14 percent at meals other than breakfast. From fine dining to fast food, restaurant chefs are creating menus and cooking with bacon in record numbers. According to the National Pork Board, major chains and independent restaurants account for 90 percent of bacon being served – and it’s growing!
In addition to attracting the interest of restaurant chefs, home cooks are also bringing home the bacon. Over half of all households (53 percent) report that they always have bacon on hand in the kitchen.
“There’s no question about it – bacon really is the flavor of the moment,” says Traci Rodemeyer, Pork Information Manager for the National Pork Board. “Not only are America’s top chefs using bacon as a key ingredient in their recipes, but home cooks are also making the most of bacon’s smoky flavor and crisp texture in their favorite recipes.”
With the variety of bacon products available – from pre-cooked to thick cut and applewood smoked – adding bacon as an ingredient to family recipes has never been more convenient. And bacon lends itself to a variety of cooking methods – frying, baking, broiling and even microwaving. Adding a few slices of bacon to a favorite entrée, soup, salad or pasta can take a meal into an entirely new dimension.
SOURCE: National Pork Board


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