The Ramones as Teddy Bears – What More Could One Ask?

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If you’ve ever dreamed of cuddling up to the Ramones, this Toxic Teddies Ramones set is for you!

ramones toxic teddies
This Ramones Toxic Teddies Set is available from Baron Bob

What They Say:

The Ramones are one of the true seminal musical entities in history. They are punks, they are music and now they are a limited edition set of bears. Do you know a Ramones fan who has every single piece of Ramones memorabilia that ever existed? Every B-side, video at CBGB’s, every live set in existence on CD, casette and 8 track? Well, he or she probably doesn’t have this limited edition collector’s edition of The Ramones Toxic Teddies rocking on stage in their most cuddly, but still rocking reincarnations. Let’s just say you’ll rock their world.


What I Say:

No one has a larger collection than Marky Ramone who, of course, has a Toxic Teddy Ramones set too. Check out his interview with them here.


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