Unique and Excellent Sushi Making Kits Put the "You" in Sushi!

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sushi magic sushi kit
Harold Import Company Sushi Magic Kit
The Sushi Magic Sushi Making Kit is available from Cooking.com

Guest Blogger David H. Urmann recommends his favorite sushi kits.

Japanese food is loved almost anywhere in the world. Sushi is one of the most popular Japanese food varieties. It is easy to make, especially with a sushi making kit.

Many people around the globe love to eat Japanese foods. There is a wide variety of Japanese cuisine. They have raw delicacies like sashimi but they also have cooked variety like tempura and and ramen soups.

One of their most loved delicacies is sushi, and there are many different kinds. But basically, a sushi is made out of either raw or cooked meat (usually fish or prawns) and rolled in rice and seaweed. It is then dipped in soy sauce with wasabi for a spicy taste.

Probably the most popular is California maki. It has rice, mangoes and white fish rolled in seaweed. However, sushi is quite expensive when bought outside in Japanese restaurants. Because of this, many Japanese food lovers prefer to make one themselves. When there are parties or any social gatherings at home, it is always good to make sushi for the guests.

Making sushi can be easy if you buy a sushi making kit. There are a lot out there in the department stores. Two of them are the Sushi Magic Sushi Maker Kit and the Easy Sushi Making Kit.

The Sushi Magic Sushi Maker Kit is regarded the ultimate when it comes to sushi making. It is widely acclaimed by professional chefs and amateurs. Each kit comes with 2 sushi makers placed inside 1 amazing gift box.

It is very effective in rolling sushi. It has a so-called nigiri mold which can press wasabi, rice and seafood altogether, and thus, shape high quality sushi right in your own kitchen. This is really great for those who want to have a sushi party at home.

This roll maker is very easy to use. Just arrange the ingredients together as indicated in the Sushi Magic handbook. Pick up the handles and roll the bar.

Unroll your “non-stick” silicone mat. Use a table knife to spread sesame seed or tobiko as toppings. This mat actually produces compact and nice sushi rolls. Slice the roll and serve this with your preferred condiments.

A Sushi Magic Kit includes the Nigiri Sushi Maker, Sushi Roll Maker, Instruction Manual and Sushi-Making Handbook.

On the other hand, the Easy Sushi Making Kit is more for beginners. It comes with almost everything needed for home-style sushi making sessions.

Included in the package are 10 sheets urashima nori, 12 ounce yamasa soy sauce, nishiki premium rice, powdered wasabi, powdered mitsukan rice seasonings, 10 small ginger packages, sushi rolling mat, sushi press mold, 5 pairs chopsticks, sushi instruction manual and rice paddle.

The manual is guaranteed easy to follow. With constant practice, one will soon perfect the art of sushi making. Who knows, it can be turned to a business if people find your sushi delicious.

Without a sushi making kit, you can also improvise at home to be able to roll up your own delectable Japanese dish. However, this is not advisable, considering the mess and long time it will take you to make one.
Sushi making kits are affordable. If you and your family members love sushi, it is better to get a kit and have one at home handy anytime you crave for Japanese food.
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The Sushi Magic Sushi Making Kit is available from Cooking.com


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