Use Your Core Values List in a Daily Meditation

daily visualization based on core values
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Step by step daily meditation based on your core values list to help you visualize achieving your goals and catapult you toward a better life

Visualizing yourself living your list of core values – actually being that person as you go through your day – helps you be your best self. It brings you closer to being the person you yearn to be.

  • The person that makes a connection with those around her.
  • The person who builds memories that leaves the legacy you want for your family, your profession & your community.

(For more information on visualizing your goals, see 4 Ways to Harness the Power of Visualization to Accelerate Achieving Goals.)

Morning meditation for a great day & a better life.

Here is a visualization you can do every morning using your core values.

(Free Printable to make it easier to follow every morning.)

Love is Living our values everyday
  1. Breathing: Begin by taking 3 deep breaths. Each time you breathe in, feel any areas of tension and stress in your body. Each time you breathe out, feel yourself letting go and relaxing into a lovely, peaceful state.
  2. Authentic Self: Imagine your core values as your authentic self. (Thinking of each group by its label makes this easier.) Imagine yourself going through today’s schedule as your authentic self, living your core values. You’ve already lived some of them in some small way, so make it bigger, larger. Do this several times until it becomes easy to picture.
  3. Focus On Core Values: Think of your core values labels, one by one and focus on living them. Take a moment to really feel each label and the list of values it represents. What part of your body do you feel it in when you focus on that value? Once again guide your mind through the day ahead. Each time you do this, you are programming yourself to have a wonderful day. Now repeat for your top values.
  4. Guidance: Think of your goals. Ask God (or your mind if you’re not spiritual) to guide you in thought, word and action, to do and say exactly the right things to make your goals a reality for the highest good of all concerned.
  5. Gratitude: For what are you most grateful? Focus for one minute on all the good things in your life right now & everything that’s right with your world.
  6. Breathing: Finish by taking 3 deep breaths. This time, let each breath in fill you with energy and each breath out to energize you even more.

Please give visualization a chance.

Make a promise to yourself to try this meditation technique for 6 days in a row – every morning – before you decide if it works for you.

It takes a few tries for it to become comfortable and to motivate future behavior and choices.

your thoughts are architects of your destiny

Tell us what you think.

Do you think visualization is helpful – or just weird?

Post a pic of your smile with your comment if you tried this meditation for 6 days & you’re finding it helpful!

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Use Your Core Values List in a Daily Meditation
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