Warn of the Coming Zombie Plague with a Zombie T-shirt Wardrobe

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Do your part to save the world by reminding people to prepare for the coming zombie plague with the t-shirts you wear.

All t-shirts shown here are printed on demand by Zazzle. Click to see all t-shirt styles, sizes and colors available.

Vegetarian Zombies ShirtI Hate Zombies shirt
Very funny t-shirt! Vegetarian Zombies ask for Grains instead of brains.If you’ve played a lot of zombie games, you know that they just keep comin’ and comin’.
Zombie Dance Crew T-Shirt shirtHUG zombie shirt
Funny Zombie Dance Crew t-shirts.Zombies Only Want Hugs t-shirt for those who believe we should always love our neighbors.
I Love Zombieszombie repellent - the shotgun shirt
I Love Zombies t-shirt in the ‘I heart’ tradition.You know that the only thing that repels zombies is a shotgun blast. Warn others with this Zombie Repellant t-shirt.
Super Zombie Club #1 shirtChoose your Weapon! shirt
If you are a Super Zombie, join the club with this t-shirt.“Choose your weapon” with
an array of weaponry suitable for zombie slaying.
Official Zombie Killer shirtTastes Like Chicken shirt
Make it official with this Zombie Killer
t-shirt.  You rule!
Hilarious “Tastes Like Chicken” zombie t-shirt. You know you want it!
warning: zombies are flammable shirtMajor League Zombie Killer shirt
Warn everyone that you can’t fight zombies
with fire when you wear this “Zombies May Be Flammable” t-shirt.
Front of the shirt declares you a “Major
League Zombie Killer” and back of shirt asks “will you be ready
when zombies start eating the neighbors” with a shotgun.
Zombies shirtZombies eat brains..., you're safe. shirt
I Brain Zombies t-shirt for the woman who
isn’t sure if she’s in love.
“Zombies eat brains. . . you’re safe” insult t-shirt.
Evolution of Zombie shirtZombies are People Too shirt
Follow the evolution chain to see how a zombie evolves. Makes sense to me.Sometimes we forget that Zombies Are People
Too when they’re chasing us for our brains.  Lets all wear this t-shirt
as a friendly reminder.
Hardest Part of Zombie Apocalypse shirtCannot Sleep. Zombies Will Eat Me. shirt
The hardest part of the Zombie Apocalypse is
waiting for it to start.  You know you’re ready.  You’ve got your
weapons, your ammo, your plan of attack.  Now all you need is the
Share the fear with this “Cannot Sleep
Zombies Will Eat Me” t-shirt.  You know they’ll get you.
They’re just waiting for you to close your eyes.
i-brain-zombies shirtGot Flesh? Zombie T-shirt
I Brain Zombies t-shirt for the woman who
loves zombies just the way they are.
Funny “Got Flesh?” t-shirt featuring a zombie with a blood moustache.
Zombie Gothic shirtReady for the Zombie Apocalypse shirt
Goth Zombies t-shirt.  Classic.Let everyone know that you have a survival
plan if there’s a zombie uprising with this “Ready for the Zombie
Apocalypse” t-shirt.
Must Do Homework Before Zombies Eat My Brain shirtZombie Girls Beauty & Brains shirt
Funny homework excuse t-shirt.
“Must do homework before Zombies Eat My Brain” – oh – too
late.  There’s a blood stain.
Zombie Girls have Beauty & Brains.
Lots of brains.  And a little bit of blood splatter.
I Hate Zombies Pitchfork Mob shirtZombies are People Too shirt
I Hate Zombies t-shirt with the angy mob
carrying torches and pitchforks.
Zombies are People Too t-shirt for the
humane.  Or funny.
Uncle Zombie T-ShirtZOMBIE APOCALYPSE t-shirt
Uncle Zombie says “I Want Brains!” Be patriotic & love zombies too.I Survived the Zombie Apocalypse t-shirts for
the non-zombie crowd.
Sexy Zombie girl shirtBaby Jane Hearse Pinup shirt
Cute zombie girl.Pin Up Girl zombie Baby Jane with her hearse.
Zombaby T-Shirt shirtzombie girl for men shirt
Baby anything is cute – even zombie babies
crying for more brains.
Sexy zombie girl on black t-shirt.
Zombie Girl shirtZombie Candy shirt
Let everyone know that you’re into zombies
with this zombie girl shirt.
Zombie Candy t-shirts for cute girls that
zombies adore!
Halloween Hoodie Horror Zombie Hooded SweatshirtZombie Hands Ladies T-shirt
Zombie arms reaching thru the t-shirt. Oh the horror!Zombie hands reaching out.
I Love Zombies T-Shirt
I Love Zombies t-shirt featuring a heart shaped brain.If at any time during the Zombie apocalypse you become infected, please identify yourself with this t-shirt. Thank you.
Zombie Nation T-shirtZOMBIE NATION Shirt
Zombie Nation logo t-shirt.Zombie Nation t-shirt featuring a crowd of zombies walking. Back of shirt says “Last night your house. Today the mall. Tomorrow the world.” Also available on a mug, because we know you want to look at zombies with your morning coffee.
Zombie Patrol shirt
Zombie Patrol t-shirts.

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