Wasabi Flavored Gumballs and Lip Balm for Wasabi Urges Anywhere

Have you ever been sitting at your desk, wandering the mall or talking on the phone when all of a sudden you had a yearning for wasabi? Now you can have your wasabi wherever you go with these gumballs and lip balm from Stupid.com

Wasabi Lip Balm

Price: 3.99

Was’ab-ennin’?! The spice is just right with this Wasabi Lip Balm and everything’s gonna be a little tastier than it normally is. You don’t even need to dip your tempura shrimp cause you’re already wearing Wasabi. You can eat and have your dipping sauce right on the Lips. Wasabi is definitely the best thing to happen to us since Sriracha! – One Lip Balm per order. – Delicious Wasabi flavored.

Wasabi Gumballs

Price: 4.29

If you have ever eaten wasabi, you know that it is the culinary equivalent of a slap in the face with a frozen mackerel. With that being said, it is with great pleasure that stupid.com brings you Wasabi Gumballs. TheyÍre potent little green confections that offer an explosion of wasabi delight, without all the pain. Actually, Wasabi Gumballs are as delicious as they are unusual. Wasabi Gumballs come packaged in a colorful metal tin that features a crazed sushi chef. The tin measures 3-1/4″ by 2-1/2″ and contains 22 tasty gumballs.


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