It’s not the minutes. It’s how you live them.

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  • Don’t pick up your phone to fill in time, add JOY by having fun with someone – make a connection.
  • Where can you – or where do you need to – fit in play today to de-stress?
  • Where will you need to get a little exercise after sitting? Play is the perfect way.
  • Who can you interact with in a playful way that will give you both a happy boost?

Add happiness by planning “play modules” in your schedule before you begin your day.

  • Where will you need a few moments to de-stress before you move on with the rest your day?
  • Turn the little things into something to be celebrated like the premier of your favorite TV or movie series, your child’s accomplishment, project finished at work.
  • Are you spending time with friends? Add some play & create happy memories that make you feel closer.
  • Add impromptu play for fun & exercise – you never know who you’ll meet.

Want more? See How to Add More Play Today.

Good Times are the glue of great relationships.

why you need to add a play module to your day

Types of Play Modules

A play module can be a few quick moments of fun or a few hours of themed play. Whatever you need, and how much time you have in your schedule. 

Mini Party

A mini party is a themed play module that contains parts of a large party on smaller scale, depending on the amount of time, money and energy you want to invest.

These can include:

  • daily holidays
  • national day of *whatever food* for breaktime
  • celebrating a new haircut or glasses
  • celebrating your child’s recital, sporting event or good report
  • “the big game”
  • movie night

For more information see Celebrate Something Today with a Mini Party.

Impromptu Play

Sometimes you’ll find you have a few free moments in your day where you’re waiting or have nothing to do. (Or maybe you have a flat tire and you want to have fun instead of fume.)

Add a little play module instead. The idea is to get exercise, meet new people or create new memories with old buddies.

But in order to add play at these times you do need to be ready with a play pack. Keep them in your car glovebox or trunk, and in your purse, day bag, briefcase or pocket.

  • frisbee
  • wobble ball, large ball for kicking or small ball for tossing (especially if you have a dog)
  • funny flavored jelly bellies or lollipops
  • funny glasses
  • bubbles
  • sparklers
  • glow-in-the-dark necklaces, headbands, toys
  • snowman kit
  • water pistols
  • music list on your phone for dancing

For more information see Yes, Impromptu Play Needs Planning.


Depending on how much space you have, a game can be physical for a little exercise or a trivia or thinking game to change up your mental focus.

Many of our daily holidays include a game as part of their entertainment module, so check out today’s daily holidays on our homepage (today and every day 😉.)

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  • Are you the one with the big ideas? “Let’s do this” or “Let’s go there”.
  • Are you the instigator that everyone follows to the next fun thing?
  • Are you the creative type who adds flair to everything you do?
  • Do you believe in celebrating life?

You sound like a Merrymaker!

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It’s not the minutes. It’s how you live them.