What in the World Should We Do to Celebrate Arbor Day?

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On Arbor Day you plant trees of course!

Plant Trees with the Community

We recommend checking your local newspaper or news media for group events happening on Arbor Day in your area.  We have planted trees on our own property (10 acres) and as a part of a group effort and found that it is easier as a parent with less “Do we hafta” whining from the kids when joining in with other kids.  Kids like to see trees in their community that they have planted – it makes them feel like they’re part of a larger group, a larger history.

Plant an Historical Tree


Speaking of history:  did you know that it’s possible to plant an offspring from an historical tree?  American Forests have an historic tree program where you can plant a tree that was once a Redbud from George Washington’s River Farm, a honey locust from Gettysburg, a red maple from Walden Woods, or a sweetgum from Elvis Presley’s Graceland.   They have trees that are offsprings from American President’s trees, offsprings from trees at famous places during the American Revolution and the Civil War, offsprings from the tree of famous Native Americans, Women, Military Heroes, Adventurers, Authors & Artists, Inventors & Scientists, as well as other famous landmarks.  Discuss how trees are so old that they have actually witnessed history and given shade to some our favorite heroes.[/wpcol_1half] [wpcol_1half_end]gettysburg tree and cannon[/wpcol_1half_end]

Plant a Tree in Your Yard

If you would like to plant a tree on your own property, we recommend becoming a member of the Arbor Day Foundation where as a new member you receive your choice of 10 free flowering trees or 10 free spruce trees and lots of other goodies that teach you how to care for trees, including a planting guide.

carly the cardinal from arbor day foundation

Learn More About Trees with Online Games for Kids

The Arbor Day Foundation have an online learning center with lots of games that teach children about the importance of trees with their mascot Carly the talking Cardinal.

For older children visit the Treetures to learn more indepth about trees and different kinds of trees and forests in a fun way.

Photo Source: Planting Tree by ElenaTheWise, FeaturePics.com


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