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Create a Signature Party Drink in 3 Easy Steps

Create a Signature Party Drink in 3 Easy Steps

Whether your guests are kids or adults, one way to make your party unique is to create a signature drink. It’s easy breezy and will pump up the fun factor!

A signature drink is a beverage that is created to fit your party theme. It can be juice or punch for a kids party – or an adult party – as well as an alcoholic beverage for an adult party.

mad scientist making a signature drink

Now when I say make a special drink for your party, I don’t mean spend a week mixing concoctions in your kitchen like some mad scientist!

You don’t have to create something new . . . you’re just being creative with beverages that your guests already love.

How many signature drinks do I need for a party?

For a kids’ party you will probably need one signature drink plus bottled water (which could also have a party label with a special themed name.)

For an adult party, you probably want several choices:

  • coffee, tea, hot chocolate or other hot beverage
  • water
  • sweet beverage
  • sour beverage

Even if you’re having a cocktail party you want to offer a limited selection of drinks:

  • 3-4 drink choices makes it easy to avoid preparation delays and people taking a long time to choose
  • it saves money compared to a fully stocked bar
  • guests make conversation discussing your beverage choices
  • drinks fit the party theme
  • have a mocktail or other non-alcoholic choice for designated drivers

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