A Frankenbath Gets Kids in the Tub on Halloween Without Any Tears

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How do you get your trick-or-treater into the tub without tears? This Frankenbath Halloween tradition adds fun to their day and gets kids in a slower mode, ready for bed.

The Frankenbath Halloween Tradition

My grade 4 my teacher, Mr. Brooks, turned the foyer of his home into one of those Haunted House games with bowls of icky stuff to feel – like spaghetti “guts” and peeled grape “eyeballs” – and made you put your hand in before he’d give you candy. (I always wondered if it was his way of adding to the Halloween fun or getting back at us.)

A Frankenbath is like this Haunted House game – only in the bathtub!

When your kids come home bouncing off the walls from the excitement of trick or treating or a Halloween party – compounded by a sugar high – you can get the costume make up off without tears. Lead them into your Frankenbath Laboratory and see how quickly they co-operate!

Frankenbath door sign
Frankenbath door sign

Decorating the Frankenbath.

Frankenbath decorations
Decorated Frankenbath
  • If you find Halloween hectic enough – keep it simple. Forget about the bowls of ick and just turn your tub into a haunted bath by putting some Halloween decorations in the bathroom without the kids noticing.
  • If your goal is just to get the kids into the tub on one of the craziest nights, a simple string of orange twighlights or fairy lights (I got mine for $2 at Walmart) will give the room some Halloween ambiance and keep the room dark and eerie.
  • If you want to go to the next level, add cobwebs and other spooky decorations. (The spiderweb lace Midnight Lace Door Drape from Walmart.)
  • A creepy soundtrack sets the stage for older kids – and gets them running to see what you’re up to when you’re ready for them.

Frankenbath decoration suggestions.

The Frankenbath is named after Frankenstein’s Monster who was sewn together with body parts from several different people. Use your imagination to see what foods you can use to become a body part. We had brains, vomit, eyes and ears.

halloween vomit and brains prank
Cauliflower brains & Sundried Tomato Parmesan Dip vomit


Place a nicely formed raw cauliflower on a serving tray. Spoon some “blood” on it using crushed tomatoes.

(Don’t use a cheap can of tomatoes – they usually have seeds. I went with Unico because I like the smooth seedless texture.)

Make sure all the crevices have turned red. Dab with paper towel until you can see the brain-like texture of the cauliflower.

Spoon more crushed tomato blood on the serving dish around the cauliflower.

*For zombie brains use guacamole.


The kids who are of the age to enjoy a Frankenbath are at that stage where they’re fascinated by bodily functions. Vomit is their favorite part!

You can use chunky salsa, hummus or a dip that you think resembles vomit. I used a Sundried Tomato Parmesan Dip – not only did it look the part, it smelled awful too!

eyeballs and ears
Peeled grape eyeballs & dried apricot ears


Peel grapes by dropping them in boiling water until you see the skins cracking and curling then rinse them in cold water and remove the skin.

Drop some crushed tomato “blood” into a small serving dish and pile a few eyeballs in the center.


It’s amazing just how much dried apricots can look like dried ears! Search the package until you find ones with a rim along one side and an indentation on the other. I found several – enough to put in a small serving dish for our Frankenbath.

What’s Halloween without a scare-dare?

Just looking at this stuff can be enough for some kids – and then feeling it – but if you want to take it to the next level all the food, including the blood, can be tasted too. Bwahaha!

FREE Frankenbath Printables

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Our Frankenbath Printables include a door sign, the vomit, brains, eyes & ears labels and blank labels in case you want more than 4 items.

Print, cut out and prepare your printables and get all your body parts ready to go a the day before Halloween. That way it’s quick and easy to decorate your bathroom for the event and surprise them. Mom should have fun doing this too!

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