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Looking forward to something today? Make it a mini party! More play in your day is the Good Times Glue for close-knit family and friends, and puts the “extra” in an extraordinary life.

Don’t wait for the “big event” to celebrate.

friends making a toast at a mini party mini celebration

Take time today to celebrate the little things.

We believe that it’s important to put more play in your every day to build happy memories and use Good Times Glue to bind the hearts of family and friends.

Here are a few ideas of things that are out of the ordinary, worthy of a mini party:

  • the beginning or ending of a project
  • your child’s recital, sporting event or good report
  • season premiere or finale of your favorite TV series
  • binge party for a new show
  • friend visiting that you haven’t seen for awhile
  • new haircut, outfit or eyeglasses that make you feel fabulous
  • new decor in your home that you want to show off
  • the season opener of your favorite team
  • premier of a highly-anticipated movie
  • absolutely anything 

Don’t have a reason to celebrate today?

friends celebrating mini party

There’s a reason to celebrate every day with daily holidays.

See our list of National Day of & daily celebrations for every day of the year. Some are funny, some are yummy and others teach you something.

All give you a reason to celebrate, to play, to have fun with family and friends. We show you how from easy to awesome!

Mini celebrating made easy.

how much time do have to celebrate

How much time can you devote to your mini-party?

This where “Celebration Modules” come in.

You can go with one type of celebration module for as long as you wish, or you can stack several a-few-minutes-modules of each type for your mini-party.

  • Decorating Module
  • Food Module
  • Entertainment Module
  • Costume Module

A mini celebration is planned like a big party, only scaled down to what you want it to be.

Which modules do you want to add to your party?

Decorating Module

simple decorations in loft mini party

Make it as simple or as elaborate as you have the time, energy and resources.

  • a string of lights
  • balloons
  • a sign
  • flowers
  • a themed wreath
  • a themed garland or bunting
  • a tree decorated according to the theme

Food Module

loft party food simple appetizers

Again, keep it as simple or elaborate as you wish.

  • order in
  • cupcakes, cake pops or desserts
  • make a themed beverage
  • champagne, wine, beer
  • themed punch
  • make a candy bar or for hot chocolate, punch or another beverage
  • cookie, dessert or appetizer buffet table
  • appetizers and finger foods
  • any themed food, all the way to a full meal

Entertainment Module

mini party music friend on guitar

Is the celebration about the entertainment or is it something you want to add?

  • photo booth props for selfies
  • do a quick quiz
  • listen to themed music
  • board game
  • outdoor event like Survivor
  • scavenger hunt
  • movie that goes with theme
  • action game like capture the flag
  • dance
  • sparklers and/or fireworks
  • confetti or party poppers
  • gifts/prizes/take home bags

Costume Module

headbands as simple mini party costumes

Most celebrations lend themselves to some party garb.

  • themed hat or headband
  • themed t-shirt
  • specialty glasses
  • specialty contact lenses
  • themed makeup
  • themed jewelry
  • glow-in-the-dark items
  • plush onesie PJs
  • full themed costume

Want more information?

Read these articles for information & inspiration on how to put more play in your every day.

Want it all?

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