How to Add More Play Today

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We don’t stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing.
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Where can you – or where do you need to – put play in your day?

  • Don’t pick up your phone to fill in time, add JOY.
  • Where will you need to get a little exercise? Play is the perfect way.
  • Who can you interact with in a playful way that will give you both a boost?
  • Who will you see that you want to create fun, cherished memories with?

Add happiness by planning play in your schedule before you begin your day.

How to plug more play into your day.

how much play do you want to add to your day

If you think of “Play modules” as chunks of time that you plug into your day’s schedule where you need it. They can be a short few minutes or long period of time, depending on your need and what your schedule will allow.

When you think about your day, where will you need to have a little fun?

Where do you need to add play today?

where do you need to add play today
  • Where will your day be stressful? Add a “play module” to your schedule after a time of focused work or an intense meeting to de-stress before you move on with the rest your day.
  • What are you looking forward to today that can be celebrated? Plan a “mini party” for the end (or beginning) of a project, a kid’s recital, the season opener of your favorite sport or the premier of a movie or favorite TV series.
  • Are you going to spend time waiting? Don’t do something mindless on your phone – add some memorable fun, make memories with those around you, and maybe get a spurt of exercise.
  • Are you spending time with your Besties today? Plug a “play module” into whatever you’re doing & create happy memories that last lifetime.
  • When will you be sitting inactive for a long period of time? Plan a playful activity right after.
  • Life is an adventure only if you have that attitude! Be prepared to add impromptu play – you never know who you’ll meet.

Good Times are the glue of great relationships.

be the one with the fun ideas

Are you the one in your family, group of friends, or co-workers that stirs up fun?

Are you the one with the big ideas? “Let’s do this” or “Let’s go there”.

Are you the instigator that everyone follows to the next fun thing?

Are you the creative type who adds flair to everything you do?

We share ideas to make it fast & easy for you to put more play in their day.

How to start adding more play to your day.

how to start adding play to your day's schedule
  1. Check your schedule for the day. (Preferably the night or even week before so you can prepare for the daily holidays in advance.)
  2. Where will you need to add play for a stress reliever or a spurt of exercise? What type of play can you do there? Block off a period of time in your schedule and make sure you have the items you will need.
  3. What are you looking forward to today? Turn it into a mini-party! How much time will you have? How much energy and money do you want to spend on your mini-party? What do you need to do ahead of time to prepare?
  4. Who will you spend time with today? What kind of fun do you enjoy, and what can you do together to create happy memories? (Don’t have any idea? Try the Daily Holiday.)
  5. When will you be spending time waiting? Who will you be with? Plan a fun activity or pull out your impromptu play ideas and see what works.

Decide where can you fit in a play module, and what kind of fun is required.

Types of play modules to add to your day.

There are several ways you can add play into your day, depending on the need of the moment.

De-stress playtime.

Do you know that there’s a time in your schedule where you are certain to be stressed? De-stressing requires physical activity. But that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to leave your desk.

  • Blow bubbles with bubble gum: chewing helps relieve physical stress, and focusing on how big the bubble can get relieves mental stress. Laughing at the gum on your face helps too.
  • Play with a yo-yo.
  • Play frisbee or toss with another stressed person. (Keep a frisbee, football or softball in your car or desk drawer. There are fold up frisbees you can keep in your coat pocket.)
  • Get a group together to play tag if you don’t have any equipment.
  • Challenge others to a push-up or sit-up competition.
  • Garbage can basketball game.

Mini celebration.

Don’t wait for milestones to celebrate. Celebrate the small every day events, too. It doesn’t have to take a lot of energy, money or preparation time. Think about one or two things that will make the moment stand out. (Or go for the gold!)

A mini celebration is like a party, only scaled down to what you want it to be. There are 4 areas of focus:

  • Decorating Module: throw up a string of fairy lights, themed things you already have around the house, or create a special banner.
  • Food Module: keep it simple with take out, make cupcakes, make special popcorn or snack, or go all-out and make themed food.
  • Entertainment Module: watch a movie, put on a playlist of themed music, play a board game or other games.
  • Costume Module: as simple as a themed t-shirt, themed party headband, feather boa, plush onesie PJs, or full-fledged costume.

If you want some ideas for each module, see our article on mini celebrations.

What every day occurrence can become a mini-celebration?

  • the beginning or end of a project
  • your child’s recital, sporting event or good report
  • season premiere or finale of your favorite TV series
  • binge party for a new show that’s streaming
  • friend visiting that you haven’t seen for awhile
  • new haircut, outfit or eyeglasses that make you feel fabulous
  • new decor in your home that you want to show off
  • the season opener of your favorite team
  • premier of a highly-anticipated movie
  • today’s bizarre daily holiday
  • absolutely anything
  • nothing: think of a theme and ask everyone over because you need a little fun

Waiting time.

There are times when we know we have to wait, like before an appointment, while the vehicle is being repaired, while we’re in line at a store. Then there are unexpected moments like a traffic jam, a flat tire, in the ER waiting room, a friend we’re giving a ride is taking longer than anticipated to get ready.

When we wait, our tendency is to mindlessly scroll on our phone or play a game on it. But if we are equipped to have a playtime, waiting isn’t a hassle we’re tolerating, it’s an opportunity to have fun, laugh, exercise, build memories with loved ones or meet someone new who joins in.

If we keep an impromptu pack in our car, pocket or desk, we’ll be ready. It can be as simple as wobble ball, bubbles, funny flavored lollipops or jelly bellies, funny glasses or costume/accessories, sports balls, beach ball, snowman kit. You get the idea. But you need to have the impromptu play equipment with you.

Time with others.

Notice how these things usually require another person? How many of your best memories are of things that you did alone? It’s our connection with others that adds quality to our life. Playtime creates cherished memories, the glue of great relationships.

If you’re planning a time with someone you know, think about their favorite things and plan around that. People love being “known”. That in itself creates a connection!

How to Add More Play Today