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Yes, Impromptu Play Needs Planning

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Impromptu means “done without being planned, organized, or rehearsed” but impromptu play needs a little planning ahead. Let us explain.

When we say “Impromptu Play” we mean adding a “play module” where you didn’t plan one:

  • wait times you didn’t expect
  • flat tire or other nuisance when you’d rather have fun than fume
  • bumped into someone and you’d rather create happy memories than gossip or talk about the weather
  • when you need to de-stress
  • when you need a spurt of exercise
  • when there’s something unexpected that you want to celebrate with a mini party like a new haircut, great news from someone, or a happy unexpected event

But in order to play, you usually require equipment to play with:

  • snowman hat, scarf & face
  • water pistols
  • bubble wands & solution
  • playing cards
  • stick-it notes, note pad & pens
  • bubble gum
  • jaw breakers
  • wobble ball
  • inflatable ball
  • frisbee

You get the idea. We keep an impromptu play bag of equipment in our car that changes with the seasons. And a small one in my purse.

Learn more about putting play in your every day with planned “play modules”.

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If you’re new to Playtime & Party and you don’t understand what a “play module” is, click the button to learn what they are, what they’ll do for you, and why you need them. 

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