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Yes, Impromptu Play Needs Planning

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Impromptu play is a great way to add more fun to your day.

When we say “Impromptu Play” we mean adding play when you didn’t plan it:

  • wait times you didn’t expect
  • flat tire or other nuisance and you’d rather have fun than fume
  • bump into someone you know and you’d rather create happy memories than gossip or talk about the weather
  • when you need to de-stress
  • when you need a spurt of exercise
  • when there’s something unexpected that you want to celebrate with a mini party like a new haircut, great news from someone, or a happy unexpected event

But in order to play, you usually require equipment to play with:

  • snowman hat, scarf & face
  • water pistols
  • bubble wands & solution
  • deck of playing cards – I have a deck “Zombie Shuffle” that’s a zombie apocalypse game & regular deck
  • stick-it notes, note pad & pens to play impromptu Madlibs or Guess Who
  • bubble gum
  • jaw breakers
  • wobble ball
  • inflatable ball
  • frisbee

You get the idea. We keep an impromptu play bag of equipment in our car that changes with the seasons. And I carry a small one in my purse.

Learn more about putting play in your every day with planned play in your schedule.

bubble gum merrymaker

Putting more play in your day creates Good Times that is the glue to great relationships. Put play in your schedule when you know you’ll need to de-stress, even if its for a few minutes. Or when you know you’ll need a little exercise after sitting. Plan play in your day – it’s as important anything else on your schedule to build a life that you love.

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